Void Bastards sequel Wild Bastards launches in 2024

Wild Bastards will be a tactical FPS hybrid with immersive sim and rogue-like elements.
wild bastards game announced

Canberra-based studio Blue Manchu has announced a major sequel to Void Bastards, titled Wild Bastards, during the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase, revealing the first look at gameplay and early glimpses at its characters. This sequel will expand on the rogue-like combat-exploration of its predecessor, while expanding its maps and variety, as well as its sense of style.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Blue Manchu designer John Chey described Wild Bastards as an extension and expansion of Void Bastards, with plenty of fresh challenges awaiting players. “There’s a lot more variety to Wild Bastards‘ levels compared to Void Bastards,” Chey said. “We have six completely different environments, ranging from snow covered mountains to airless, low gravity hostile worlds.”

“Within each environment, there are small settlements, rail stations, roadblocks, and wilderness areas. Each of these levels plays very differently with different sight lines, amounts of cover, environmental hazards and so on.”

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Chey also revealed to PC Gamer that the studio aimed to amp up the personality and character of the game in this sequel, with a switch from focussing on generic ‘clients’ to more colourful, recognisable outlaw heroes.

One of them is Smoky, described as “a cook who burned to death” and now controls fireballs, and another is Hopalong, a “snake-man-cowboy with a lasso” who uses this weapon to trip up enemies and eliminate them from battle. There will also be other outlaws in the game, including Kaboom, who can turn his friends invisible, and Preach, who can share health pickups.

As described by Chey, Wild Bastards will include some kind of Darkest Dungeon 2-like friendship system to unlock these abilities, with each character allowing some form of advantage on the battlefield. These abilities will serve players well as they romp through various stages, escaping labyrinth-like stages.

Elsewhere in the PC Gaming Show: Most Wanted showcase, a range of other titles were highlighted – including Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, Homeworld 3, and more. You can watch the full show on YouTube.

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