Ubisoft announces The Division 3 from Massive Entertainment

Ubisoft has quietly revealed the upcoming sequel in a new blog post touting Julian Gerighty's involvement.
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Ubisoft has officially announced The Division 3 is on the way, with development work to be handled by Massive Entertainment following the conclusion of work on Star Wars Outlaws. While the sequel to a major, successful multiplayer franchise may seen like a major deal, Ubisoft revealed the news in a relatively low-key way, via a blog post discussing the future of Massive’s Julian Gerighty.

In the post, Ubisoft announced that Gerighty would be returning to the brand “he helped usher into the world” as the new Executive Producer for The Division Brand – a role that will commence once Star Wars Outlaws is shipped.

As Ubisoft notes, Gerighty is most known for his work on The Division, having first joined the game’s development team as an Associate Creative Director in 2014, before going on to become the Creative Director of The Division 2.

“I remember the gameplay promise – the co-op, PvP, the open-world RPG aspects,” Gerighty said. “Its world seemed very relatable, and very realistic, like you could really be an agent for change within it.”

As the blog post makes clear, Gerighty will soon transition back to this world, helming The Division 3 and a number of other projects in the works – including mobile game The Division Resurgence, and the action-shooter The Division Heartland.

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“We may have over 40 million players, but The Division is still in its early years as a franchise. There are so many incredible stories to tell, places to explore and people to protect,” Gerighty said.

“I think that we delivered [high quality] with Tom Clancy’s The Division’s cutting-edge visuals, incredible gameplay, and promise to the player that they can’t get this experience anywhere else, and then again with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. It’s about refinement, it’s about pushing the quality bar consistently forward.”

It’s clear Ubisoft has strong confidence in The Division 3, and that it will look to significantly push the franchise forward into the future. Before this push begins, Ubisoft has made clear that Star Wars Outlaws remains a priority for Gerighty and Massive Entertainment, and that the development team remains “fully committed” to making this game a success.

Once Star Wars Outlaws is released to the world in 2024, Massive Entertainment will return to its roots, as Ubisoft continues to build out The Division and its many spin-offs and sequels. Stay tuned for more news about these upcoming games.

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