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Free Top Gun: Maverick content jets into Microsoft Flight Simulator

You can live out your jet fighter fantasties on Xbox and PC with Microsoft Flight Simulator after you see Top Gun: Maverick at the movies.
top gun maverick microsoft flight simulator

Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to the 1986 film starring Tom Cruise and a whole bunch of jet fighters, is in cinemas now. As a timely and very apt tie-in, Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox is getting a handful of Top Gun-themed content for free, including liveries and flight challenges that will test your ability to fly just as well as the film’s characters.

The Top Gun: Maverick content will feature:

  • A custom Top Gun: Maverick-themed livery for the iconic F/A-18E Super Hornet
  • Three additional training missions for the Hornet to get you accustomed to some of the trickier manoeuvres it can pull off, including:
    • Unrestricted take-offs
    • Split S manoeuvres
  • Five new challenge missions that test your ability for high-speed, low-altitude flying through mountains and canyons
  • A new experimental hypersonic aircraft that can reach speeds of Mach 10 and reach extreme altitudes
  • A new mission using the aforementioned aircraft that will take you into the stratosphere of earth

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Given the realistic and true-to-life nature of Microsoft Flight Simulator – the technology that powers it simulates the Earth as it exists to the minute – these new additions sound like they could be incredible experiences. This might be the closest you get to simulating what it would be like to almost reach outer space.

The Top Gun: Maverick expansion content is free for all Microsoft Flight Simulator players, and available today. Microsoft Flight Simulator is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

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