The Super Mario Bros. Movie launches website, plumbing ad

A new website and commercial has launched for 'SMB Plumbing', the fictional company of Mario and Luigi.
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While it’s easy to forget, famed video game icons Mario and Luigi are actually plumbers, when they’re not saving the world. Nintendo and Illumination are reminding fans of this fact with the launch of a new commercial and website for ‘SMB Plumbing’, the fictional company of the Super Mario Bros.

The new commercial-slash-trailer, which leads directly into The Super Mario Bros. Movie, spotlights all the services Mario and Luigi are able to offer clients. Not only can they fix plumbing issues, like a blocked drain, they’re also ‘faster than the others’, per the wonderfully cheesy rap lyrics that play out over the course of the ad. As many will note, these lines have been taken from the intro to the original Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

According to a badly-acted testimonial in the video, they’re also much cheaper than rival services – which is why you should visit the SMB Plumbing website, or give them a ring on 929-55-MARIO (a real phone number that can be called in the US, charges apply).

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Once you’re over enjoying the toe-tapping beats of the commercial, you can also head to the newly-launched Super Mario Bros. Movie website to find a range of easter eggs and testimonials for Mario and Luigi’s plumbing service.

‘There’s no loyalty w/ mario and luigi!!! The SUBPAR Mario Bros used to wrk for me until they decided to break off and start there own bussines…. theyll learn their lesson someday…’ one testimonial from ‘SpikeIsCool’ says.

As players will notice, ‘Spike’ is actually Foreman Spike, a construction worker that would act as an opponent of Mario in special bonus stages of 1985 Famicom / NES game, Wrecking Crew.

Other testimonials come from ‘BrosMom’ and ‘BrKlyn Couple’, who claim ‘SMBP left my house an absolute MESS! I would have given them only 1 star, but my sweet angel of a dog absolutely loved them. He just wouldn’t leave them alone!’

Given both Mario and Luigi are dog people, this testimonial makes a whole lot of sense. Dogs are a good judge of character, after all – and both Mario and Luigi are absolute delights.

You can check out the new SMB Plumbing website and its many easter eggs for yourself here.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits Australian cinemas on 6 April 2023, and lands on 7 April 2023 in the United States.

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