The Super Mario Bros. Movie clip reveals Cat Mario, Seth Rogen

The latest clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie features the iconic Cat Mario outfit, and Seth Rogen's DK voice.
cat mario super mario bros movie outfit

A brand new clip for The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been released, revealing a cameo appearance from Mario’s iconic Cat Suit, as well as Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong voice. While the clip is only short, it does confirm that Mario’s more modern power-ups will play a key part in the film’s action, and it extends the brutal showdown between Mario and Donkey Kong.

Much like their original face-off (Donkey Kong, 1981) it appears Mario and Donkey Kong will be rivals in this adventure. They’ll no longer be fighting for the hand of Pauline, but there does appear to be plenty of heat between them, regardless.

In the clip, Mario attempts to fight Donkey Kong in what appears to be a colosseum filled with power-ups and coin bricks. It’s not clear what Mario did to annoy Donkey Kong, but he’s certainly being punished, with his fight being observed by an entire kingdom of monkeys.

After being unsuccessful with a first attack, Mario leaps into the clouds to grab a power-up box, which yields the Cat Suit. This power-up first debuted in Super Mario 3D World (2013) and allows Mario to climb up surfaces, and use claw attacks against enemies.

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As the new clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie shows, it also makes him extremely adorable:


Notably, the Illumination YouTube account has filed this clip under the name ‘Smash’ – a clear reference to the Super Smash Bros. series, which throws various Nintendo characters together in intense battles. The stage depicted in the film is largely inspired by the original Donkey Kong arcade game – red steel girders and all – but the side-on fighting style here is very Smash-like.

It indicates Mario has a major fight on the way, with low odds of survival.

While his opponent, Donkey Kong, doesn’t appear to be as serious as he’s depicted in his first video game appearance – the appearance of Cat Mario spawns plenty of laughter – it’s clear he’s a formidable fighter, with plenty of strength up his sleeve.

Donkey Kong saying ‘now you die’ is an ominous way to end the clip, but it’s fair to say that Mario will live on to fight another day, even if Donkey Kong gives him a mound of trouble on the way there.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is coming to cinemas on 5 April 2023 in Australia, and 7 April 2023 in the United States.

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