Nominations open for The Australian Game Developer Awards 2022

Game and hero submissions are now open for the 2022 ADGAs, Australia's premier game developer awards.
agdas website

Game and hero submissions for the Australian Game Developer Awards (AGDAs) 2022 are finally open – so if you’ve got a game to submit, or somebody in the local industry you’d like to celebrate, now is the time to visit the AGDAs website and formally enter your vote.

As in prior years, the AGDAs aim to celebrate outstanding games and achievements in the local Australia video games industry, with all developers encouraged to nominate and/or participate in the event. There are 13 individual game categories for voting in this year’s show, as well as four personal and studio awards for those making a major impact in the industry.

Game awards include: Game of the Year, Excellence in Art, Excellence in Gameplay, Excellence in Narrative, Excellence in Sound Design, Excellence in Music, Excellence in Accessibility, and a number of other achievements for individual projects.

Career, Contribution & Culture Awards include:

  • Studio of the Year – for the studio that ‘stands as a testament of what an Australian studio can be’
  • The Adam Lancman Award – for excellence in the industry, led by talented individuals
  • The Rising Star Award – for those who’ve made significant contributions to the industry in the last five years
  • The Ambition Award – for individuals who’ve gone beyond the confines of their roles

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Developers who wish to nominate games will be required to pay an AU $30 fee per submission, with multiple submissions incurring further fees. The Career, Contribution and Culture Awards will not have a submission fee, however.

There is also some rather strict eligibility criteria involved, which includes a need for at least 50% of a submitted game to be developed within Australia to be considered actually ‘Australian’. Those wishing to submit should have a browse of the criteria before nominating a game for consideration.

All games produced between 1 October 2021 and ‘within 60 days of 2022 ceremony date’ will be considered by a panel of expert judges.

To submit a game or nominate a hero, head to the AGDAs website hub.

Submissions are currently set to close on 30 June 2022.

The awards will take place during Melbourne International Games Week, on 5 October 2022, with the event being held in-person.

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