Terra Nil developers raise US $95,000 for wildlife trust

Terra Nil studio Free Lives pledged to donate 8% of its Steam profits to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.
Terra Nil Screenshot

Terra Nil developer Free Lives has raised US $95,000 for the Endangered Wildlife Trust, thanks to the game’s hearty Steam sales. In February 2023, the studio announced it would donate 8% of its total Steam sale profits to the non-profit organisation, as a reflection of Terra Nil‘s overarching philosophy.

While the game is a city builder, it provides a twist on this classic genre. Rather than gentrifying the natural world, Terra Nil invites players to save a barren wasteland by growing crops, encouraging plant growth, and installing environmentally-friendly machines. It aims to elevate the conversation around climate issues – and with players now contributing to a significant donation to the EWT, it’s also having an impact on the real world.

In a new video, the team behind the Endangered Wildlife Trust has spoken about the importance of climate issues being understood worldwide. The team also made clear how funding will be utilised to support environmental initiatives and practical, hands-on work.

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‘The Endangered Wildlife Trust has three principles that we work around,’ Ian Little, head of conversation at the EWT explained. ‘Protecting species, conserving habitats, and benefiting people.’ The South Africa-based not-for-profit organisation is focussed on saving endangered species in the region, and on ensuring natural habitats survive the ravages of climate change.

‘The reach that this sort of game can give to the globe – it’s a new group of people, which is really exciting,’ Tammy Baker, business development offer at the EWT said. ‘It just shows what we have to offer, and how much we can actually do with support and awareness.’

Money raised by Free Lives will go directly towards this support and awareness, as the EWT continues its conservation efforts. Anyone who has purchased Terra Nil on Steam, or played the game on mobile through Netflix can feel encouraged by the knowledge that this money has gone towards a worthy charitable cause.

Free Lives will continue making donations to the EWT in future.

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