A snazzy Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch OLED arrives in August

A brand new Nintendo Switch OLED model has been revealed amidst fresh rumours about a 'Switch Pro'.
nintendo switch oled model splatoon

Nintendo has officially announced a brand new Nintendo Switch OLED model – and while it’s not the rumoured ‘Switch Pro’ that everyone expected, it’s certainly a gorgeous-looking piece of hardware. This console is essentially a reskin of the base OLED model, with a funky Splatoon 3 twist, and a multi-colour controller fade that really pops.

The left Joy-Con of this console is a fetching blue and purple shade, and the right Joy-Con is yellow and lime-green. Both sport a pattern that features Splatoon‘s squidlings, graffiti-style artwork, and cute little paint splats. The artwork can also be seen on the console’s dock, which is white with a subtle graffiti pattern and a big splodge of yellow, and the body of the console, which is similarly decorated.

You can check out a closer look at the new OLED model below:

Also revealed alongside this special edition console were two new accessories for the Nintendo Switch: a white, purple and green carry case, and a blue and green Pro controller. They all look fairly neat when paired together, and should adequately prepare Splatoon 3 enthusiasts for the game’s launch on 9 September 2022.

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The console will actually arrive ahead of this date, with the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Switch OLED model launching on 24 August 2022. The accessories will drop a little later, on 9 September, alongside Splatoon 3.

For those who’ve been wanting to upgrade their Nintendo Switch, this could be the perfect opportunity. Both the base OLED models are fairly plain, with one rocking a white colour palette, and the other looking exactly like the base version of the Nintendo Switch. Should you be looking for something a bit more colourful and fun, the Splatoon 3 model brings that in spades.

The unique console is currently up for preorder in Australia, with EB Games and JB Hi-Fi listing it for AU $549. Special trade in deals bring the price down to AU $199, depending on your Switch model.

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