Sony reportedly set to show off new hardware in June

New rumours point towards Sony revealing unique headsets and monitors 'perfect for PlayStation 5' in June.
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A new report from industry insider Tom Henderson (via Exputer) has claimed Sony is currently working on a batch of new hardware – three headsets and two monitors – to be revealed in late June or early July. According to Henderson, this gear is designed with the PlayStation 5 in mind, and will include exclusive features including spatial sound for the headsets, and ‘gaming assist’ features for the monitors.

It follows a similar report from Henderson that Sony is gearing up to launch a PlayStation 5 Pro controller, which would take inspiration from the Xbox Elite controller. While unconfirmed by official sources, Henderson has a reputation for accurate leaks, and believes sources are on the money with Sony’s latest hardware push.

The new headsets are reportedly part of a new line ‘INZONE’ H-series line, and sport the H3, H7 and H9 monikers.

The INZONE H3 is said to be wired, features 360 spatial sound and is cheaper than the other headsets. The INZONE H7 is wireless, features 360 spatial sound, and prioritises battery life. The INZONE H9 is wireless, features 360 spatial sound and noise cancelling, and is the most expensive of the three rumoured headsets.

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Sony is reportedly also set to launch two new monitors alongside these headsets, which will have ‘exclusive features for PlayStation’ including HDR Tone mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode – both of which enable higher fidelity visuals.

According to Henderson, one of these INZONE monitors will be for 4K gaming with a 144Hz refresh rate, while the other will feature ‘full HD gaming’ with a 240Hz refresh rate. Both will reportedly including Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and HDR support, as well as ‘low latency’ noted by Henderson as 1ms Gray To Gray (GtG) – a measure of pixel response time. It’s also believed they’ll be capable of monitoring FPS and game time, and have equalising features for better brightness.

At this stage, the monitors and headsets remain a relative mystery outside of rumours, although given we’re not far out from their alleged reveal date of late June or early July, we can expect to learn more shortly.

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