Sony rumoured to be working on new handheld game console

A new report has alleged that Sony is looking to gain a foothold in the handheld games market.
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Sony is rumoured to be working on a new handheld gaming device, per new reports from Insider Gaming. While the company has yet to comment on the circling details, several sources have confirmed talk of a handheld console with a streaming focus, designing to work alongside the PS5 as a dedicated ‘Remote Play’ companion.

According to Insider Gaming, the rumoured device is codenamed ‘Q Lite’ and it does not have a specific cloud-streaming focus, as with devices like the Logitech G Cloud. Instead, it would reportedly crib the Remote Play capabilities that were included with the PS Vita, and allow PS5 owners to stream their games on the go – likely inside and outside the home environment.

This functionality already exists via the dedicated PS Remote Play mobile app, which can stream gameplay to a variety of devices as long as the internet connection is strong enough. How the ‘Q Lite’ would enhance this feature is currently unknown – although it’s likely the device will support 1080p and 60FPS streams, allowing for smooth handheld gameplay.

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While currently unconfirmed, Insider Gaming believes the Q Lite is currently in the QA phase of development, with the device scheduled to release ‘before the PlayStation 5 Pro, and after the Detachable Disc Drive PS5’ – both devices which are yet to be formally revealed by Sony in any capacity.

Given these vague bounds, we could see the rumoured console by 2024 – if it turns out to be a legitimate and viable prospect for Sony.

Should it eventuate, the ‘Q Lite’ will enter a crowded market for handheld game consoles. While the alleged Remote Play focus means it won’t compete will fellow PC handhelds like the Steam Deck and the upcoming Asus ROG Ally, its existence reflects a wider trend, as the ability to play games anywhere has become a core desire of a changing games market.

Going forward, it’s likely console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft will need to contend with this evolving need, and a growing call for ‘gaming on the go’. Whether the rumoured ‘Q Lite’ will fulfil this brief remains to be seen.

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