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The Sims 4 is getting romantic riviera and bistro themed kits as part of its Season of Love

EA and Maxis have revealed new Kits for The Sims 4: Riviera Retreat and Cozy Bistro – and judging by the ambiance, they'll be perfect for romance.
Sims 4 Cozy Bistro Kit

Are your Sims in desperate need of some R&R? EA and Maxis have officially revealed the next two instalments of the game: two kits, entitled Cozy Bistro and Riviera Retreat.

These kits are set to kick off the newest chapter of The Sims 4‘s roadmap – dubbed the Season of Love, and rumoured to be a fiesta of romance reminiscent of The Sims 2: Hot Date.

Described as introducing “antique ambiance,” the Cozy Bistro Kit certainly looks to set a mood for dates, with dimly-lit tables and hole-in-the-wall style furnishings. For players who like to give their Sims a wholesome environment in the early stages of their romantic relationships, it’s an ideal vibe.

From there, once romance blossoms, you can enjoy the new objects from the Riviera Retreat Kit – perhaps on some of the vacation lots. A cheeky vacation to the riviera is sure to get your Sims in the mood for love, no?

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Sims 4 Riviera Retreat Kit
Sims 4 Image: EA/Maxis

What can we expect in The Sims 4: Cozy Bistro Kit and Riviera Retreat Kit?

Per the reveal announcement on, “Filled with old world charm, Cozy Bistro sets the scene for sipping the finest Nectar amongst candlelight in the evening and the richest coffee in the rays of sunlight during the day.”

Meanwhile, the Riviera Retreat kit seems set to give Mediterranean vibes, with the announcement encouraging players to, “Embrace the rustic scenery surrounding your secluded oasis by incorporating stucco textures, beautiful archways, and shimmering waterfalls with comfortable linen furniture, wicker lounge chairs, and vine-covered pergolas”.

As a longtime player of The Sims, both kits seem to slot in well with existing packs – the Cozy Bistro Kit provides a fun, antique accent to The Sims 4: Dine Out, while the aesthetic of the Riviera Retreat Kit feels reminiscent of Tartosa, the world that came with The Sims 4: Wedding Stories.

The Sims 4: Cozy Bistro Kit and Riviera Retreat Kit will launch together on 30 May 2024. You can learn more about the new inclusions on the official Sims 4 website.

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