Samsung announces new S95D OLED TV with anti-glare tech

The Samsung S95D OLED TV is designed to fix the woes of having a TV in a sunlit room.
samsung s95D oled tv

The TV in my bedroom faces the window and shutters, so that when the sun is out, games, movies, and TV shows are typically filtered through a glare of sunny tiger stripes that causes ample distraction. Samsung knows this problem well, and if you’re a sufferer of similar circumstances, you’ll likely find a lot to like about the newly-announced Samsung OLED S95D TV.

As revealed in a press release, this upgraded Samsung model is fitted with new “OLED Anti-Glare Technology” which is designed to maintain colour accuracy and contrast in visuals while reducing reflections “even in brightly lit rooms.” Essentially, the TV sports a low-reflection coating that reduces over-gloss and the typical mirroring effect you get on shiny modern TVs.

Per Samsung, the S95D OLED has even been verified as “Glare Free” by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent group that assesses products against an international testing standard to ensure product safety and compliance.

So for those tired of closing the blinds or shutters every time the sun comes out, the S95D OLED might be a simple answer. As detailed, the new OLED TV will come in 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch variants, and will be available from 18 March 2024.

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Beyond the new anti-glare technology, the refreshed S95D OLED TV also features a hearty NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor to boost brightness and colour richness, True Dolby Atmos for booming audio, Motion Rate 200 for minimising blur, Quantum HDR OLED Pro tech for upscaling and strong contrast, and 4K 144Hz VRR support for smooth, tearing-free gameplay.

Samsung OLED 4K S95D: Australian Prices

As detailed, the Samsung OLED 4K S95D TV will release in March 2024 at the following price points in Australia:

  • 55-inch for AUD $4,640
  • 65-inch for AUD $5,800
  • 77-inch for AUD $9,281

You can learn more about the newly-announced S95D on the Samsung website.

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