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Delverium is a new survival crafting sim from Aussie studio Sagestone Games

Delverium is an upcoming "open world survival craft game" with single and multiplayer gameplay.
delverium sagestone games

Sagestone Games, a new development studio established in Queensland, Australia, has announced its debut project: survival crafting adventure, Delverium. In this game for one to four players, you’ll explore a lush world, build a home, and occasionally have to battle monsters as a strange threat known as the “Faults” threatens your everyday peace.

“Prepare to craft, explore, and survive in the boundless world of Delverium solo or team up with up to three friends in split-screen or online co-op. From gathering resources and constructing shelters to nurturing farms and recruiting NPCs, your choices pave the way forward,” the game’s description reads.

“However, the deeper you venture, the more you’ll uncover a hidden truth – a growing threat known as the “Faults.”  Unravel the mystery and become the hero Delverium needs to restore balance.”

Based on early gameplay footage, it appears Delverium is heavily inspired by icons of the pixel art-adventure genre: Stardew Valley and Terrarium, with touches of the survival gameplay found in Minecraft. As you travel through the world of the game, you’ll be able to wield on-the-fly crafting abilities to carve out shelters and defences as needed – but you can also use this system for more wholesome building.

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When you’re not fighting for survival in the wilds, you’ll be able to work on your home settlement (solo or with friends), raising animals, exploring, and growing crops in cosier fashion. As a neat quirk, there’s no fatigue or durability requirements in Delverium, so you’ll be able to make the most of your days in the game without worrying too much about forced “grind-y” mechanics.

You’ll also be accompanied on your journey by a suitably grand soundtrack from Jeff van Dyck, the BAFTA-award winning composer known for Unpacking, Alien: Isolation, Hand of Fate 2, and other hits, so you can really sit back and enjoy the vibes.


If all that sounds right up your alley, you won’t need to wait long for your first proper look at Delverium. As announced, the game will be part of Steam’s Farming Fest from 30 April to 6 May 2024.

You can learn more about Delverium, and wishlist the game, on Steam.

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