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Rain World: Downpour DLC launches in January 2023

Rain World: Downpour is a major new expansion that's big enough to be a fully-fledged sequel.
rain world downpour dlc release date

Cult hit Rain World is officially getting a major DLC expansion pack on 19 January 2023, as announced during the recent Akupara Games showcase. The new chapter was announced in March 2022, where it was revealed to be an absolutely massive undertaking – large enough to be considered a fully-fledged sequel to the beloved platformer.

Rain World: Downpour will feature ten whole new regions to explore, each more difficult than the last. There’ll be ‘thousands’ of new maps and environments included in the pack, as well as five new characters with their own skillsets, stories, and specialties. For returning veterans, there’ll also be a fresh Challenge Mode to spice up gameplay.

Given Rain World is already a difficult game – exactly what helped it ascend to the upper echelons of cult status – this should prove to be a major challenge.

Downpour has been made alongside the game’s loving community, with the DLC including ‘fully fleshed out modes that the community has created and modded’. In addition, the new update will also add support for Steam Workshop, and a content manager for those keen to change up the game.

‘The Downpour downloadable content includes hundreds of new maps across ten new regions; five new playable characters with unique mechanics, storylines, and endings; two new game modes; and local co-op,’ developer Videocult announced in a press release.

In addition to mod support, new worlds, and new characters, Videocult has also confirmed Downpour will include local co-op support for up to four players, and a major Safari Mode that lets you explore areas of the map from a tourist’s perspective.

The new content should attract a whole new generation of Rain World players, and hopefully help the delightful (and wickedly hard) platformer escape its status as a cult hit.

Rain World: Downpour launches for Windows PC via Steam and GOG on 19 January 2023. A version of this update for consoles will be announced in future.

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