Sony reportedly tackling PS5 shortages with more PS4s

New reports indicate Sony is continuing to produce PlayStation 4 consoles to deal with PS5 demand.
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There’s a number of reasons why you can’t currently walk into a retail store and purchase a PS5 console. Demand remains high, more than a year on from launch. Physical components like semiconductors are still hard to come by, and Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on supply chains as workers are forced to isolate. On top of that, more people are turning to digital goods for entertainment while coronavirus forces them to stay safe at home.

All of these factors have led to major PS5 and Xbox console shortages, but Sony reportedly has a solution: make more PlayStation 4s instead.

According to Bloomberg, Sony has told its production partners to produce more PS4 consoles going forward, despite initially planning to end their production at the end of 2021. Given these consoles run on older hardware, they’re reportedly easier to produce, and there’s hope they’ll ease the demand for PS5s.

While production will likely face the same labour shortages the PS5 is enduring, component sourcing is reportedly simpler. The renewed focus will mean at least one million more PS4 consoles hitting store shelves in 2022, nearly a decade after the console first launched.

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Image: Sony/PlayStation

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Those wanting the upgrade to the PS5 likely won’t be satisfied by the push for more PS4s, but the new batch will satisfy more casual players, or those only wanting to play a handful of new releases. Given there have been so few PS5 exclusive games – even upcoming hit Horizon Forbidden West will simultaneously release on PS4 – there are still plenty of reasons to buy the last generation console.

On top of being readily available, and being able to play most PlayStation games, it’s also a far more affordable option, at around $400. For now, they are being sold at a premium online as scalpers look to get in on the PS5 action, but expect new, reasonably-priced stock to arrive in stores at some point in the near future.

If you’re not willing to fork out the full $499 (Digital) or $749 price for PS5 stock that may be endlessly delayed, keep an eye on the PS4. While the console is nearly celebrating its tenth birthday, it’s still a hardy device that should fulfil the needs of most gamers.

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