PS5 Pro specs allegedly leak via Sony’s developer network

The PS5 Pro is alleged to be a more powerful console with an improved CPU and an upscaling feature.
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Specifications for the long-rumoured PS5 Pro have allegedly leaked online via Sony’s developer network, with multiple sources reporting details from third-party game development partners. A specs breakdown first appeared on YouTube channel Moore’s Law Is Dead, and Insider Gaming‘s Tom Henderson later corroborated this report.

Per Henderson, and the allegedly leaked specs list, the largest improvement for the PS5 Pro is in its CPU, which will have a “High CPU Frequency Mode” that allows for a 10% increase to speed and performance. In addition, it will include a “PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling” feature that allows for visual upscaling and anti-aliasing.

The PS5 Pro will also reportedly render 45% faster than the base PS5, utilise AI acceleration and custom machine learning architecture, and support resolutions up to 8K. Improvements to audio have also been noted, as well as improvements to system memory. Where the base PS5 runs at 448GB/s, the PS5 Pro will reportedly run at 576 GB/s.

Henderson further claims the PS5 Pro will have a detachable disc drive, and the same 1TB of storage as standard for the base console.

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The release date for the allegedly in-development PS5 Pro is Autumn 2024 [Northern Hemisphere]. Given that’s the case, we’re likely to hear more about it very shortly – whether the leaks are legitimate, or otherwise.

For now, there’s reason to believe the leaked specifications from Moore’s Law Is Dead and Insider Gaming are legitimate. For one thing, rumours of the PS5 Pro have been mounting for months now, with many analysts flagging 2024 as the release date for the new console. The alleged source of the leak – that it came from third-party partners working with Sony – would also explain the situation.

Realistically, with a new console on the way, Sony would be engaging with third parties, to ensure upcoming games meet new specifications. Once word of the console spreads to these third parties, tamping down on leaks and hearsay becomes much more difficult. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that the specifications leaked via this network.

That said, as with all leaks, it’s best to take the information presented with a grain of salt. Sony has yet to comment on the leak, and it has also yet to confirm any details about a potential PS5 Pro release. For now, it’s a console that only exists in rumours, and until official news is revealed, it’s best to stay patient. More is likely on the way – so stay tuned.

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