Next PS5 exclusive game could be Project ‘Ooze’

A leak on Reddit has seemingly revealed a fresh look at an in-development PS5 exclusive.
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An alleged leak on Reddit may have revealed the next major exclusive game for PS5, with newly-revealed footage showing off a sci-fi adventure filled with oozing tendrils. The game, lovingly nicknamed the ‘Ooze game’, is described as a ‘Sci-Fi RPG based in Unreal Engine 5’ and ‘being developed through XDev [a Sony studio based in Britain] in partnership with an external studio’.

A brief snippet of gameplay footage attached, and now archived, featured a third-person view of a protagonist in a space suit, armed with a gun, approaching a slimy alien structure. While only short, the clip has caused much excitement online.

Reliable industry leaker Dusk Golem further stoked the fires of speculation with confirmation they had previously ‘seen a lot more of this game, and more recent stuff of this game.’

‘NOT THIS CLIP, but the game itself beyond this clip, is at least at a point currently [where] the game is fully voice acted, music [is] composed specifically for it, [and it’s] been far more fine tuned than this clip,’ Dusk Golem said. ‘I just am looking forward to it eventually getting announced on my side and the devs properly showing it off.’

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Dusk Golem later confirmed the game’s name isn’t actually ‘Ooze’ – but the nickname has stuck, due to the adventure allegedly being ‘a very ooey, gooey game’.

On ResetEra, further clues of its existence have been discovered, with one wily commenter pointing out a link between a blurry reference to a ‘Red’ codename in the footage, and a mystery project known as ‘Red’ in the works at People Can Fly (Outriders).

Every slice of the seconds-long footage has been analysed and torn apart, with speculation now running rampant. Some keen Reddit users have likened the snippet to Mass Effect and Resistance 2, while others have flagged Haze and Gears of War as potential inspirations.

For now, we only have this brief footage, and the alleged insider knowledge of user Dusk Golem to go on. Given the existence of project ‘Ooze’ for PS5 has yet to be officially revealed in any official capacity, we can expect a long wait to learn more. In the meantime, keen players can look forward to fresh rumours of this project and its legitimacy.

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