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PowerWash Simulator announces free Final Fantasy 7 content

The popular deep-cleaning game PowerWash Simulator has announced an unlikely crossover with the popular, iconic RPG, Final Fantasy 7.
PowerWash Simulator Final Fantasy 7 DLC Free Content

PowerWash Simulator was one of those bizarre, mundane simulator games that took the world by storm (or by hose spray?) when it was released in July 2022. Something about the primal satisfaction of being able to slowly and meticulously clean absolutely filthy locations with a pressure washer appealed to the part of our brains that wanted to just take pleasure in… something. Manual labour? Cleanliness? The feeling of power you get when you’re wielding a high-pressure hose? Whatever it was, it was a hit.

Half a year later, it’s become such a hit that other high-profile video game properties want to be associated with it. PowerWash Simulator has announced that its second piece of free DLC is called ‘Midgar Special Request’, and is themed after Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the modern interpretation of the iconic Japanese RPG.


The news was shared on the Square Enix Extreme Edges Twitter account, which is dedicated to Square’s Japanese publishing arm that looks after the promotion of Western titles for the country. PowerWash Simulator is published by Square Enix Collective, so the collaboration was perhaps more likely than you would’ve assumed, though that doesn’t make it any less bizarre.

The Midgar Special Request DLC will see new scenarios for power washing, and feature iconic Final Fantasy 7 places and machines, including Tifa’s Seventh Heaven bar, Cloud’s Hardy-Daytona motorbike, and the giant Guard Scorpion mecha enemy.

A release date for the Final Fantasy 7 content has not been announced just yet, however. The previous free DLC pack for PowerWash Simulator is Tomb Raider-themed, which was announced for a 31 January 2023 release. It will coincide with the game’s release on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles.

In other Final Fantasy 7 news, the second instalment in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy will be titled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and is due for release sometime at the end of 2023. Will it feature the PowerWash Simulator protagonist? We can only dream.

PowerWash Simulator is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and will be available on 31 January 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch

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