Pokemon teases collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum

Pokemon is set to feature in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam from September 2023.
pokemon van gogh museum

We all know video games are art – and now, Pokemon is taking the next steps to proving it. As revealed in a recent teaser trailer, the iconic franchise is set to feature in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam from 28 September 2023.

In the trailer for the collaboration, Pikachu and Eevee are seen wandering through a field of sunflowers, before they part to reveal the Pokemon, Sunflora. Later, Sunflora appears as a painting depicted in the impressionistic style of Van Gogh.

As many will know, the painter’s most famous work is Sunflowers, which encompasses an array of artworks depicting sunflowers in various colourful vases. The trailer for the Pokemon crossover features sunflowers heavily – and Sunflora neatly resembles a real-life sunflower.

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While exact details of the crossover are yet to be confirmed, it’s fair to assume it will include some form of artistic exhibit – potentially with the characters of Pokemon painted and drawn in works inspired by Van Gogh’s eclectic style.

Pokemon and Van Gogh might not seem the perfect fit, but given the museum was established to spotlight Van Gogh’s life and explore his legacy, it could be an important crossover that allows younger audiences to learn more about the famous artist, and his influence on the world of art and entertainment.

Crossovers like these bridge a gap between history and modernity. So while the crossover seems fairly wild on paper, it certainly has the potential to make a major impact. We’ll learn more about the Pokemon x Van Gogh Museum collaboration in the coming weeks. Whatever is planned, the exhibit opens from 28 September 2023.

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