PlayStation State of Play: Everything announced in February 2023

The State of Play for February 2023 came packed with fresh details about the latest games.
playstation state of play february 2023

PlayStation State of Play returned in February 2023 with a range of snappy announcements for upcoming games, including Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League from Rocksteady Studios, and Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. With fresh looks at both games, and plenty of other tidbits – including major reveals for PS VR2 – the showcase was a very sweet look at the future of PlayStation video games.

Here’s everything announced during the PlayStation State of Play for February 2023.

Note: This article has been updated since its original publication. You can watch the entire PlayStation State of Play for yourself here.

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The Foglands is coming to PlayStation VR2

To kick off the showcase, PlayStation introduced a look at five new PS VR titles – starting with The Foglands. This game is an intriguing Western Gothic, in the style of recent titles like Evil West, and classic titles like Darkwatch.

In the adventure, you’re at the mercy of a strange card dealer, and must use your time to master guns and other tools to take down mysterious, lurking creatures. There’s zombie-like beings on board, as well as floating, eldritch monsters.

They’ll meet their doom when The Foglands launches for PS VR2 in 2023.

Green Hell VR is also coming to PlayStation VR2

The next trailer was for VR survival game, Green Hell VR, which tasks players with surviving in a hideous, danger-filled jungle. You’ll need to explore your surrounds and use the tools at your disposal to face down a variety of animals and uncover a mystery in this odd journey.

It’s coming in 2023.

Synapse is a new magic-powered survival VR experience

Synapse was up next.

This VR game takes place in a black, white and purple world, and gives players magic powers to play around with. It’s also coming in 2023.

Isaac Asimov’s Journey to Foundation is coming in Autumn 2023

The next game was a mysterious VR space adventure game, known as Journey to Foundation. This is based on the works of Isaac Asimov, which frequently question the nature of humanity, and where we’ll end up in the years ahead.

It’s coming in Autumn 2023 [Northern Hemisphere].

Before Your Eyes is coming to PlayStation VR2

The next reveal was that award-winning narrative game Before Your Eyes is coming to PlayStation VR2. In this adventure, your path forward is controlled by blinking, and each blink takes you further along a gorgeous story about learning to live, and forging friendships along the way.

It’s coming to PlayStation VR2 on 10 March 2023.

Destiny 2: Lightfall got a new trailer

The upcoming Lightfall expansion pack for Destiny 2 was up next. Its latest trailer showed off a mysterious space tyrant using their creepy powers to destroy a neon city, while Destiny‘s heroes band together to defeat them.

It’s arriving on 28 February 2023.

Tchia got a new trailer and release date announcement

Next up, a new trailer for Tchia aired. In this adventure, you’ll play as a young girl wandering a gorgeous island, completing a variety of tasks. You’ll be able to take a sailboat out to explore new islands, climb trees, and use a glider to travel further. It appears you’ll also be able to use the girl’s magic powers to embody a variety of creatures, using their abilities to continue your journey.

It’s arriving on 21 March 2023, and will be available for PlayStation Premium and Extra subscribers. Following this, a variety of PlayStation Plus games for March were revealed – including Ghostwire Tokyo, and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Humanity is a new game from the creators of Tetris Effect

Next up in the State of Play, the new game from the creators of Tetris Effect and Rez Infinite was revealed. It appears this is a sim-like game, where players control a small dog wandering through great swathes of humanity.

It’s all very surreal, and the nature of gameplay is hard to describe. Regardless, we’re already very intrigued about this experimental game.

Humanity launches in May 2023.

Goodbye Volcano High got a new gameplay trailer

Goodbye Volcano High, the coming-of-age adventure game starring furry-like creatures, got a new trailer next. It revealed fresh rhythm game mechanics, and the game’s exploration-based story, which deals with typical teen problems – only in a strange, magical world.

It was also dated in this trailer. Goodbye Volcano High is out 15 June 2023.

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections is coming soon

Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Connections was announced next. It appears this game is a remixed version of the original Ninja Storm games (Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution was also represented with the appearance of Mecha Naruto) – but it’s unclear how this game differs from its predecessors.

There are new characters included, but the story will likely remain the same.

It’s coming in 2023 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is coming to PlayStation 5

The next game in the State of Play was Baldur’s Gate 3, which is getting a console release on PlayStation 5. The new trailer for the adventure showed off meaty RPG gameplay and combat, fresh adventures, and plenty of drama.

Baldur’s Gate 3 was previously in Early Access on PC, and will arrive on PlayStation 5 on 31 August 2022.

Wayfinder is a new fantasy action-adventure

Next up, Wayfinder got a major showcase. This fantasy adventure lets you go solo or team up with friends to take on towering enemies in a magical world.

The beta for the game is launching on PlayStation first, and keen players are encouraged to sign up now.

New fighters confirmed for Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 was up next, with a showcase for three new fighters. Zangief was up first. As in past games, he’s a power-based wrestler, with meaty moves including body-slams and throws. He was followed by Lily, a fighter who harnesses the power of spirits and her twin clubs to initiate fast-paced, whirlwind-like moves.

She was followed by Cammy, who now rocks a shorter hairstyle and a UK-inspired outfit. Regardless of these changes, she’s still the same Cammy we know and love, with a kick-based move set and gymnastic traversal.

Street Fighter 6 launches on 2 June 2023.

Resident Evil 4 remake got a creepy new trailer

Next up, the highly-anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake got a new trailer, showing off a journey through a bloody castle, and plenty of high drama.

The game arrives on 24 March 2023.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League got a major showcase

Next up in the State of Play, Rocksteady Studios put in an appearance to explain the plot of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. The game is officially set five years after the events of Arkham Knight, which means the Batman we see in the game is the Arkham Batman.

The gameplay trailer that followed this revelation featured a Brainiac-corrupted version of The Flash introducing the Suicide Squad (Harley Quinn, King Shark, Deadshot, and Captain Boomerang) to ‘hell’, aka a Brainiac-infested city.

Each of the heroes got a chance to shine in this showcase, with their combat and special abilities helping to beat back the oncoming tide of enemy attacks. It was revealed that Deadshot has access to a backpack that allows him to float around and attack enemies, while characters like King Shark and Captain Boomerang are a bit more ground-oriented.

Boomerang has access to a ricochet-like bouncing ability. Harley Quinn has access to a giant cannon, and acrobatic swings and leaps. All of these moves work in tandem, as players can work in co-op (or solo) to take on a variety of enemies – towering alien structures, roaming aliens, and the corrupted superheroes.

This trailer also showed off plenty of in-game banter. It appears Flash is still his peppy self, despite being evil now. Captain Boomerang is also his typical ‘Aussie larrikin’ self, which should be a bright spot in the gloomy adventure.

Wonder Woman appeared later in the trailer, and forced Flash to admit the only way to end the conflict was to kill the Justice League – hence, the name of the game. You’ll be able to discover this for yourself on 26 May 2023.

Following this reveal, Rocksteady talked more about the adventure, and how it will ‘shift the narrative’ to focus on the villains of the Arkhamverse. During this showcase, a number of new DC characters were revealed as part of the action, including Gizmo, The Penguin, and the Toyman. Hack, a ‘digital ghost’, will also help you along your adventure.

As later revealed by Rocksteady, gear will be a major part of the game, with each hero having access to their own unique loadout. You’ll be able to customise your weapons, as well as your outfits – for example, King Shark can wear a Superman suit, and Captain Boomerang can wear his ridiculous outfit from his comic debut.

Rocksteady also announced that in future, there will be new playable characters. There will also be a Battle Pass included in the game, containing cosmetic-only items.

The PlayStation State of Play for February 2023 is now available as a VOD replay.

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