PlayStation Plus: Monthly free games for February 2024 revealed

Here's all the latest free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.
foamstars gameplay playstation plus subscribers

PlayStation has revealed the monthly free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in February 2024, with a number of solid offerings on the way. The new lot is headlined by Foamstars, the new party shooter from Toylogic and Square Enix, but the rest of the inclusions are also standout.

As detailed, the three games available for all PlayStation Plus subscribers from 6 February 2024 are:

  • Foamstars (PS4, PS5)
  • Steelrising (PS5)
  • Rollerdrome (PS4, PS5)

There’s not really a weak link amongst them. While Foamstars enters a crowded live service game market, it’s got a real sense of pop and charm that marks it out as unique. There’s every reason to give this game a chance.

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Rollerdrome, meanwhile, is an excellent and tricky rollerskating-shooter-adventure that tasks you with perfecting snappy, graceful combat while on roller skates. Not only does the game rock unique mechanics, it’s also got a cool cel-shaded art style that makes every roller battle feel like moving artwork.

Steelrising is another great pick. This Souls-like action RPG is set in an alternate version of historic Paris, and stars a deadly automaton looking to survive fantastical battles against a range of towering machines.

Beyond these inclusions, there’s also a number of neat perks for PlayStation Plus subscribers arriving in February 2024. One of these is the claimable Fall Guys Icons Pack, which includes in-game Fall Guys costumes for PlayStation icons Ratchet, Clank, and Aloy (Horizon), as well as themed emotes, patterns, colours, nameplates, and nicknames.

In addition, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be able to play a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Game Trial starting from 6 February 2024.

Stay tuned for the latest inclusions for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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