PlayStation launches a surprisingly handy ‘gamer dictionary’

PlayStation has launched a unique dictionary, compiled to illuminate key terms and phrases used in the gaming space.
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PlayStation has released an official gamer dictionary of popular words and phrases used in common gaming vernacular. For those who are now entrenched in the world of video games, it can be difficult to remember that many of the common terms used aren’t actually familiar to non-game players. Whether it’s slang terms like ‘cheesing’ or complex labels like ARPG, FPS and K/D, the world of gaming can be difficult to explain.

By placing each of these unique terms in a handy, scrollable guide, PlayStation is looking to create a more accessible entry into gaming, and into talking about gaming. While the idea of a ‘gamer dictionary’ seems incredibly naff, the guide itself is actually a very handy tool.

Even after being entrenched in the many worlds of gaming, new terms will occasionally pop up thanks to the ever-evolving nature of language. Generally these are popularised through social media, and ultimately become a part of everyday gaming. If you don’t know them, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the action.

The dictionary launched by PlayStation includes terms like min-maxing (a strategy approach for role-playing games), OHK (one hit kill), spamming (a player repeating the same attacks), and tanking (deploying a large character to absorb hits), as well as a number of newly-minted phrases like ‘wrecked/rekt’ and ‘nerfing’.

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It also explains common video game features, like ‘New Game +’ mode, which typically allows players to replay a game with a harder difficulty, for greater reward.

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There are a number of fairly dated phrases included – like ‘noob’ and ‘git gud’ – which have now fallen out of favour, but for the most part, the dictionary is a very helpful resource for the world of modern gaming. It can be extremely difficult to parse your way through ARPGs, CRPGs, JRPGs, PVP, PVE, RP and FPS games at first, but deploy the dictionary, and you’re cooking with gas.

While you certainly don’t need to adopt these terms in your own day-to-day gaming life, they’re good to know for first-timers, or for those who enjoy watching or playing games via Twitch and social media.

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