Peppa Pig: World Adventures pays unhinged tribute to the Queen

Queen Elizabeth features in Peppa Pig: World Adventures – but her cameo features an unexpected surprise.
peppa pig queen elizabeth tribute

Queen Elizabeth II first debuted in season four of Peppa Pig, as a guest character who rewards Miss Rabbit, and teaches Peppa and her classmates about royalty. While not specifically named ‘Elizabeth’ – she’s referred to only as ‘The Queen’ according to the Peppa Pig Wiki – she strongly resembles her dearly departed real-life counterpart, with curly white hair and a rosy complexion.

In the latest Peppa Pig video game experience, Peppa Pig World Adventures, The Queen returns for a major cameo in the London stage, where she spends time with Peppa, George, and her family as they splash around in puddles. The Queen even joins in, splashing and giggling outside the palace steps.

‘Come on Your Majesty, come and jump in the puddle!’ Peppa says with great gusto.

‘Wow, The Queen is very good at jumping in puddles,’ Peppa’s mother replies, as she watches on. After a brief moment, the entire Pig family joins in. It’s all fun and games – and then something wild pops up.

We’ll let content creator RayNarvaezJr take it from here, because the gameplay clip has to be seen to be truly understood:


That’s right.

Peppa Pig: World Adventures ends its London adventure with a sudden memorial to H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, with a cartoon In Memoriam image featuring Peppa Pig and The Queen splashing in mud. The timing is almost comical – and begs so many questions. Why did developer Petoons Studio decide to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in a children’s game? Why does the sombre tribute feature right after a wholesome and uplifting gameplay segment featuring puddle splashing?

Will adult players have to explain what death is to younger players?

Whatever the reason for its inclusion, the memorial is baffling – and it’s confounded and bemused many who have witnessed the clip.

‘Ok but imagine a little kid who doesn’t have any idea who the queen was, and the game just skips to tell you that the character they just met immediately died?’ one Twitter commenter wrote.

Many have also pointed out the oddity of including Queen Elizabeth II as a character in the first place, given she’s one of the very few actual humans in the anthropomorphised Peppa Pig universe. This was likely done to avoid a caricature depiction that may have offended the royal family, but it still makes her reoccurring appearances strange.

Peppa Pig: World Adventures makes them even stranger, with the sudden memorial twist making a shocking, and frankly hilarious, mark on Peppa Pig history. This particular clip should be preserved in a museum.

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