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Sims rival Paralives launches in early access in 2025

Paralives aims to be a cosy Sims alternative with a focus on fresh gameplay.
paralives game release date

Paralives, the upcoming Sims-like life simulator from Paralives Studio, is set to release in early access in 2025, after multiple years in development. The news was announced on Patreon, with a post thanking supporters for their continued faith in the game’s development team.

Paralives Studio is relatively small, but has made great leaps over the last few years, revealing a number of updates and continuous progress for Paralives, which aims to rival The Sims in its approach to cosy gameplay.

Over the years, the team has expanded ambitions for the title, adding in features like personalities for each “Parafolk,” improving the complexity of their relationships, and honing a needs and wants system to make gameplay more layered.

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The game is currently in a position where the Paralives team is confident it’s heading closer to release, with an early access launch window of 2025 now confirmed.

Per details revealed, the game will have some missing features and bugs in early access, and will be open for player feedback, but it’s expected to be fully enjoyable and filled with plenty of hearty core features.

“Even if there will be bugs and some important features missing, we think Paralives’s Early Access will be quite enjoyable,” the team said on Patreon. “Players who like to create characters and build houses will have a lot of tools and content to get creative with and the live mode will have its core features established which will allow people to create great stories for their Parafolks!”

“During the Early Access phase, we will be releasing frequent updates to fix bugs, add more content and add missing features like cars, bikes, pets, weather, seasons and more.”

Per a publicly released roadmap, early access will be a chance for the team to work on a variety of planned features including an emotions system, more story progression, a gardening system, and various balances for gameplay. After the full release, the team is also considering additional features – including the potential for “supernatural” type Parafolks (vampires, werewolves, and others), as in The Sims.

Any future updates will reportedly be free, as “without any shareholders to please” Paralives Studio believes “the money [it] makes from selling the game alone will be enough to support [the team] and the development of free updates in the long run.”

Over the next year, it appears Paralives Studio will be hard at work on a range of new features for the upcoming game, and getting it ready for a public release. Those who enjoy The Sims should certainly keep an eye on the Paralives Patreon for more news about the upcoming game.

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