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Sims rival ‘Life by You’ delayed to June 2024

Life by You has been pushed back for additional polish.
life by you the sims rival game

Paradox Tectonic’s Life by You, an upcoming life simulator designed to rival The Sims, has been delayed for a second time. While originally set to launch in early access in March 2024, it will now launch on 4 June 2024. According to Paradox, the move is necessary for a “smooth and fun” gameplay experience, and to ensure the game’s early access period sets the right tone for the future.

“Our decision to move the start of Early Access is rooted in our commitment to creating a fun game and an enjoyable player experience, right from the start of our Early Access,” Paradox said. “We are just as excited as the rest of the community for the game’s release. As such, we want to ensure that it’s as smooth and fun for you as possible, and lays a strong foundation for building out Life by You during Early Access.”

Over the next three months, Paradox will “make sure that the game is in a great spot” for players, and that development remains open to feedback and requests. As previously stated, Life by You is a game designed to reflect player desires, with Paradox aiming to listen to and adapt to feedback as the game grows in early access.

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“Your feedback is still one of the most integral parts of our development cycle, so we know we need that Early Access time to make the game that you all want to play,” Paradox said. “As Rod [Humble, Studio Lead] has mentioned before, we want to make this life sim with you all in mind, and Early Access is still key to that process.”

In a breakdown of what led to the decision to delay the game again, Paradox outlined a number of reasons, largely centred on player feedback from early testing and gameplay footage. The primary reason for the delay was the need to fix bugs, but Paradox has also revealed a need for additional stability and improving the game’s performance, as well as tweaks for character art, building assets, gameplay refinements, and mod tools.

As a result of this delay, Paradox has announced it will not re-enable pre-orders for Life by You via the Epic Games Store just yet. For now, you’ll only be able to wishlist the game, and stay tuned for more news.

Paradox will share future blogs describing new developments for the game in the coming months, and will continue to integrate feedback as it looks to polish Life by You ahead of its planned June 2024 release.

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