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Paradise Killer studio Kaizen Game Works reveals next game

Promise Mascot Agency is an open world adventure set in an entirely new world.
promise mascot agency game

The next game from Paradise Killer studio Kaizen Game Works has been revealed during the latest ID@Xbox showcase – and that’s great news for anyone who likes their gaming weird. As announced, the studio’s next big project is Promise Mascot Agency, which is an open world adventure game starring a disgraced former yakuza member known as Michi, as he attempts to rebuild his life.

This attempt leads him to a dilapidated mascot agency, where a particularly off-putting mascot known as Pinky – who takes the form of a giant pinky toe – tasks him with rounding up abandoned mascots, and bringing them back to good health and confidence.

In the world of Promise Mascot Agency, these mascots aren’t people in costumes, but rather strange creatures with their own needs and desires. As you travel through the game, you’ll find more mascots and rehabilitate them, and in some cases you’ll also need to “rescue” them by taking part in card battles.

One particular segment in the newly-released Promise Mascot Agency reveals a rescue taking place, as you wield cards to save a sad tofu mascot from a “normal sized door.”


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You’ll know very quickly if Promise Mascot Agency is a game you’ll love – it looks suitably bonkers and very bizarre, and that’s exactly what you’d expect from the studio that created Paradise Killer. This game looks entirely different from its much-loved predecessor, but it shares a tongue-in-cheek tone and irreverence that should make it an absolute blast.

As noted by Kaizen Game Works, Promise Mascot Agency is in development with Japanese developer Ikumi Nakamura (Ghostwire: Tokyo, The Evil Nakamura), concept artist Mai Mattori, and artist Inko Ai Takita, with the game’s world and mascots featuring their designs and insight.

If the trailer for Promise Mascot Agency catches your eye, it’s best stay patient – as the game is set for release in 2025. In the meantime, there’s plenty to look forward to, as Kaizen Game Works continues to develop this odd, endearing little adventure.

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