No Rest for the Wicked hits early access in April 2024

Moon Studios has revealed more about No Rest for the Wicked in a new gameplay showcase.
no rest for the wicked gameplay

Moon Studios has revealed a fresh look at its upcoming action-RPG No Rest for the Wicked in a showcase spotlighting layered gameplay, sleek combat, and plenty of surprises. During proceedings, the studio confirmed the game will launch in Steam Early Access for PC on 18 April 2024.

What was most striking in this new look was No Rest for the Wicked‘s unique animation style, glimpsed in cutscenes and in active exploration. Animation is incredibly fluid, and from moment-to-moment, the game feels a lot like a dynamic storybook. The way hair moves with the wind, and the bouncy character models, gives it a very intricate, compelling sense of movement and style. It adds dramatic flair, and also makes combat encounters seem far more tense and interesting.

You can see plenty of this in action in the Wicked Inside: Showcase, available via YouTube.

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As well as giving a solid glimpse at combat and exploration, the showcase also detailed hearty character customisation, a crafting system to improve weapons, and a number of creepy bosses. There appears to be elements of Soulslikes in the game’s combat system, with players facing down towering bosses that require dodges, leaps, and swings to overcome.

To survive these encounters, you’ll need to pay attention to enemy movement, level up your gear well, and perfect your reaction timing. You’ll also need a strong stomach – as one of the bosses shown off in the showcase was delightfully creepy, oozing, and fleshy.

As well as taking on quests and bosses, you’ll spend your time in No Rest for the Wicked preparing for danger by gathering and crafting, and even decorating your own home base in the town of Sacrament. You’ll need to visit often, to ensure your path through the game’s world is successful, and your item pouches are always adequately stocked.

Based on the latest game showcase, No Rest for the Wicked appears to sit at a neat intersection between Baldur’s Gate 3 and Dark Souls, with its action-RPG gameplay aided by a gloriously gothic art style, and robust worlds to explore. We’ll learn more about No Rest for the Wicked in the coming months, as it approaches launch in early access on 18 April 2024.

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