New Nintendo Switch allegedly features 8-inch LCD screen

A new report has alleged the Nintendo Switch successor is on track for 2024, and that it will include an LCD screen.
New Nintendo Switch Console activision

Hiroshi Hayase of Japan-based technology analysis company Omdia has issued a new report alleging the currently-unnamed Nintendo Switch successor will release in 2024, and will include an 8-inch LCD screen. As first spotted by Bloomberg, Hayase’s report is based on first-hand knowledge of the global display industry, and the intricacies of its supply chain.

Per Hayase’s report, taken with earlier reporting that electronics company Sharp Corp is currently doubling its output of LCD displays, it appears a global technology company is currently working on something major – and that it could very likely be Nintendo.

Hayase has stated the change in the display supply chain is directly related to a doubling of “amusement displays” for a device to be produced in 2024. Sharp Corp, which is based in Osaka, has previously worked with Nintendo as a Switch assembler, and reportedly said in 2023 it would be supplying LCD panels for a particular upcoming console.

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At this stage, Hayase’s report remains informed speculation, but it presents some tantalising information. Should it prove accurate, it appears the Nintendo Switch successor will feature a larger screen than its predecessor. The Nintendo Switch OLED is 7 inches diagonally, and the base Nintendo Switch is 6.2 inches.

While the alleged lack of OLED on the base model for the new Nintendo Switch may prove to be a disappointment for some, we’d have to assume a pricier OLED model is also on the menu for the future, given precedent – whether at launch, or later.

Whatever the case, the tidbits seemingly revealed here are very intriguing, and give further credence to reports the new Nintendo Switch is due for release later in 2024. Current speculation is the device will be available by the holiday period – but for now, we only know amusement display production is seemingly ramping up, and that Nintendo has grand plans it’s keeping under wraps. Those keen to learn more about the next Nintendo Switch will need to stay patient as more details are revealed.

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