All the exclusive games in Japan’s Nintendo Direct February 2023

The latest Nintendo Direct included a handful of exclusive games for audiences in Japan.
paranormasight nintendo direct

As is tradition, the latest Nintendo Direct arrived with a few exclusive surprises for audiences in Japan. While this regional Direct largely resembled the global version, four additional games made an appearance during the show – only some of which will actually release in the West. There’s a new Square Enix game in the bunch, and even a return for the long-running Atelier franchise.

Here’s every game included in the Japan-exclusive Nintendo Direct of February 2023.

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Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo is a new horror-themed visual novel developed and published by Square Enix. It appears to be a more experimental title from the studio, which has become known for traditional action-adventure and role-playing games – but its early trailer has us intrigued. With plenty of spooky visuals, and a haunting soundscape, this paranormal adventure should be on your radar.

While exclusive to the Japanese Nintendo Direct, it will get a global release on Nintendo Switch, PC, and other consoles in March 2023.

Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg

During the Japan-exclusive Nintendo Direct, a remake of the first Atelier game was revealed. Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg will remaster the original 1997 PlayStation game, updating the visuals with a colourful new art style, and modern mechanics. It looks absolutely delightful, and the best part is it’s also getting a release in the West, in Summer 2023 [Northern Hemisphere].

Given the popularity of the Atelier series, which is nearing its 30th anniversary, it’s surprising that this wasn’t included in the worldwide Nintendo Direct – but it’s always had a far more passionate audience in Japan.

Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Vacation

Natsu-Mon: 20th Century Summer Vacation continues the long-running Summer Vacation series, which has occasionally popped up in the West. These games are essentially cosy life simulators that follow children on idyllic summer vacations as they explore quiet towns, and get to know new people.

The latest entry looks to be more of the same, with the game’s protagonist tasked with wandering a green village, and taking part in various festivals. At this stage, it’s unknown if the game will launch in the West. Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation -The Endless Seven-Day Journey- was released in the West in mid-2022.

Momotaro Dentetsu: The Earth Spins With Hope

The Momotaro Dentetsu franchised debuted in Japan in 1988, and in that time, it has never made its way to the West. That likely means the latest entry, The Earth Spins With Hope, will remain a region exclusive – but regardless, it looks like an adorable, wholesome time.

In this series, you must travel by rail and other public transport across a board, attempting to acquire property and build up your wealth against rival players. The game loop appears to be very Monopoly-like, although the characters are much cuter, and there are also mini stories that play out as you travel.

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