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Nicolas Cage’s Dracula film, Renfield, has a video game spin-off

Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood looks like a nifty riff on the award-winning Vampire Survivors.
dracula renfield spin-off game

Upcoming vampire flick Renfield, which stars Nicolas Cage as a wonderfully over-the-top Dracula, now has a spin-off video game where players can re-enact the frantic events of the film. As surprise-announced by Skybound Games and developer Mega Cat Studios (WrestleQuest), Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood is out now in early access on PC via Steam, with a full release coming down the line.

In the game, you play as the titular Renfield (played by Nicolas Hoult in the film) as he takes on swarms of villains, using magical powers and sweeping hits to take them down. A teaser trailer for the game has revealed a distinct Vampire Survivors influence, in nearly every part of the game’s world.

Renfield has access to an array of deadly weapons in the adventure, and each cuts great swathes through enemy ranks as hordes descend in pixel-perfect formation. Swing, and you’ll take out a massive chunk of the nearest horde, in explosions of blood and glowing magic.

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Keep running and gunning, and you might survive your time on the run.

According to Mega Cat Studios, Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood will receive dozens of new enemies and major bosses in the coming months, alongside fresh gear and challenges. While it is only a tie-in to the Renfield film, it appears there are plans to keep the action going long after it departs cinemas.

The film launches in the United States on 14 April 2023, and will release in Australia on 25 May 2023.

A full launch for Bring Your Own Blood is expected by the end of 2023, although the scope of the project will depend solely on player enthusiasm, and audience appetite for a seeming Vampire Survivors clone.

‘We know how important Early Access is to involve players in the balancing of the core mechanics and polish the fun of being Renfield taking on the gangs and bosses of New Orleans,’ Mega Cat said on Steam. ‘As new content is added, we’ll make sure critical feedback is included as we drive towards a 1.0 release.’

You can check out Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood on Steam now, for the price of AU $7.50. As far as movie tie-ins go, this one is a little bit wild – but its rougelite inspirations may boost its longevity.

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