MultiVersus and NHL team-up will see Bugs Bunny take the ice

MultiVersus will meet ice hockey in this adrenaline-fuelled promotional event.
multiversus game return 2024

Warner Bros. Games is partnering with the National Hockey League (NHL) for a special broadcast that will see a real ice hockey match simulcast in a virtual world, featuring environments from MultiVersus, the hugely popular free-to-play fighter that is set to return in May.

Per, on April 14 at 3.30pm EDT (April 15th, 8.30am AEST), while the Colorado Avalanche face off against the Vegas Golden Knights at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, there will be a special promotional event where you’ll see the real-time game transform.

Using the NHL’s existing edge tracking technology, viewers can watch the game play out in real-time with digital avatars of beloved characters taking to the ice alongside players. In the press release, the NHL touched on the technology involved.

MultiVersus NHL Face-Off will merge two different tracking technologies — NHL EDGE positional data (NHL Puck and Player tracking) and Hawk-Eye Innovations optical tracking to generate realistic character and player avatar movements to best represent the movements of the NHL players on the ice. The real-time animation will be produced in association with NHL innovation partner Beyond Sports.”

NHL Multiversus
Image: Warner Bros. / NHL

This means viewers can see MultiVersus characters such as Batman or Bugs Bunny face off against Scooby Doo’s Velma or Superman – and depending on how the game goes, we may even see a bit of biff between avatars.

The release goes on to confirm, “The ice rink for the alternate telecast will be dynamic and incorporate rotating elements based on environments from the MultiVersus game, such as the Space Jam Court, Adventure Time Tree Fort, Sky Arena and Trophy’s E.D.G.E.”

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The news comes after some very well-received hints on social media indicated MultiVersus was making its triumphant return, following a months-long hiatus between the end of its beta period and launch. Given the beta hit over 20 million downloads, there’s certainly a collective yearning for more content and news.

A big partnership event like this will hopefully reinvigorate interest, marking a turning point in the promotional lead-up for MultiVersus‘ projected launch on May 28th, 2024 (per the MultiVersus website).

While fans outside of the US may have to wait for the footage to be uploaded after the game, the broadcast will be available to watch live on TruTV and Max for US-based audiences.

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