Burberry teams up with Minecraft for high fashion line

Minecraft and Burberry are teaming up for a range of in-game and real life fashion items.
burberry minecraft game

High fashion brand Burberry has teamed up with Minecraft for a new clothing line and companion digital adventure, which will introduce Burberry to young players via downloadable skins and a playable story. This tale will incorporate a range of new, real-world Burberry fashions, which are now live to purchase on the clothing company’s store.

Don’t get too excited though – you’ll need to fork out for the privilege of rocking these Burberry x Minecraft threads. For the price of £430 (AU $770), for example, you can wear a plain white t-shirt with a blocky ‘Burberry’ logo and a faint Creeper face.

If you’re more into cashmere and luxury items, you can purchase a blocky Burberry scarf with pixel flowers on it for £390 (AU $698). A simpler cotton scarf, decorated with a Minecraft landscape, will run you just £190 (AU $340).

At the higher end of the new fashion line, there’s also a cotton hoodie going for £720 (AU $1,289), and a Gabardine Coat for £2,090 (AU $3,742).

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While the prices aren’t particularly surprising – Burberry is a luxury brand, after all – the designs are surprisingly lacklustre. The t-shirts on offer are extremely basic, and only hint at the Minecraft brand with faded pixel faces. The iconic Burberry scarf just looks far too busy with Minecraft flowers slapped on top of the classic design.

The landscape print scarf in the collection could also easily be a $10 printed flag at a novelty store. The coat range is great – but they’re just regular coats with a Minecraft print stamped down the back. With other companies launching genuinely fun, colourful and creative clothing collaborations in recent times – the UNIQLO Pokemon line is particularly fun – this line feels uninspired.

It’s hard to tell exactly who this collection is for – outside of those purely purchasing the clothing for brand value alone. High fashion is still fashion, but this collection isn’t particularly eye-catching or bold. It’s just sort of there.

Still, it’s likely to attract a select clientele who’ll enjoy the odd minimalist and maximalist flourishes here. For anyone with means and a vociferous connection to the world of Minecraft, the new Burberry clothing line is now available to browse.

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