Mighty Kingdom staff share major concerns in joint shareholder letter

A shareholder letter shared on LinkedIn has revealed major concerns brewing at Mighty Kingdom.
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Staff at Mighty Kingdom have penned a letter to shareholders revealing major concerns about the future of the company and impending leadership changes. As first reported by Kotaku Australia, the letter was shared by former Mighty Kingdom General Manager Dan Thorsland on LinkedIn, alongside a straw poll that claimed a significant number of staff at the company would “not feel comfortable to remain at MK” if proposed resolutions go ahead.

The letter has been released ahead of an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) locked in for Friday, which is believed to herald the arrival of internal changes for the company.

“Simon [Rabbitt, Chief Financial & Operating Officer] and the rest of the current and former exec team have always looked out for us and made sure we are striving to create fun and high quality games,” one staff member shared.

“The proposed resolutions threaten to shatter these dreams and plunge us into a reality that we dread,” the letter continues. “It’s not just about a change in leadership; it’s about losing the very essence of what makes Mighty Kingdom a special place to work.”

Staff allege there are potential plans in place for Mighty Kingdom to operate under the guidance of Shane Yeend in future, with staff taking particular issue with this appointment.

“I don’t want to work for someone that behaves the way he does,” one anonymous staff member claimed. The staff of Mighty Kingdom have alleged Yeend contributed to past toxicity at the company, as well as “unfulfilled promises.”

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“We are not merely pawns in a power struggle; we are a team of passionate individuals who breathe life into the art form of game development. The pain runs deeper as we contemplate the potential loss of teammates who have become like family,” the Mighty Kingdom team wrote.

They have expressed worries about losing valuable team members and strong leadership, after a tough year for the global economy, and growing internal conflict.

“The threat of an exodus of talent is real, and it’s not an idle warning,” staff wrote. “It’s a genuine expression of our collective dismay and unwillingness to work in an environment that does not align with the values and culture we have come to cherish.”

“The current leadership has not only steered us through challenges but has also fostered a sense of belonging, respect, and creative freedom. The fear of losing this is paralysing.”

“The potential departure of key members of our team is not a bluff or a negotiating tactic; it’s a painful reality that we are not willing to accept. If the proposed changes pass, we cannot envision a scenario where we continue to work for Mighty Kingdom.”

In closing the letter, the Mighty Kingdom staff encouraged shareholders to consider the personal stories behind each included testimony, and the potential impact incoming leadership change may have on the workers that bring Mighty Kingdom’s games to life. We’ll likely learn more about this growing conflict following the company’s EGM later this week.

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