Starfield drives record financial quarter for Microsoft

Q1 2024 has become a record quarter for Microsoft, with strong growth in gaming revenue.
starfield update patch notes november 2023

Microsoft has reported its strongest financial quarter ever in Q1 2024, with record growth in gaming revenue. Per details posted in the report, and in a subsequent presentation shared on social media, Microsoft recorded US $3.919 billion in Xbox gaming revenue for the quarter, up 9% year-on-year.

Likewise, Xbox Game Pass achieved significant growth, with the Xbox content and services segment up 13% year-on-year. While many games likely contributed to this rise, it’s fair to assume the bulk of growth can be attributed to Bethesda’s Starfield, which achieved largely positive reviews and word-of-mouth sentiment following its launch in early September 2023.

Starfield managed to exceed over one million concurrent players on launch day, and was the highest-selling game in the US in its launch month. Per Bethesda, the game had around 10 million players by mid-September, with the number likely climbing thanks to it going “free” with an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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Elsewhere, Microsoft reported a slight decrease in hardware sales of around 7%, as interest in the Xbox Series X and Series S settled. For now, Microsoft has not unveiled future plans for these consoles – although with rival Sony recently announcing a refresh for the PS5, we may see an announcement shortly – perhaps in the form of the leaked Xbox console with a rounder design that popped up during the Activision Blizzard merger case.

Speaking of Activision Blizzard – this report is a very notable one for Microsoft, as its next report in Q2 2024 will likely include Activision Blizzard as a primary player. This may deliver insight into the financial situation of the company post-merger, and reveal the worth of Microsoft’s whopping US $68.7 billion investment.

Stay tuned for news of this report, as Microsoft begins the next phase of its acquisition journey.

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