Mass Effect story board game launches later in 2024

Mass Effect the Board Game is set during the events of Mass Effect 3, and features many familiar characters.
mass effect board game

Mass Effect is set to get a new standalone board game from Modiphius Entertainment (Fallout: Factions, Skyrim: The Adventure Game) with the strategy-adventure set during the canon events of Mass Effect 3. Titled Mass Effect: Priority Hagalaz – The Board Game, it’s described as a “cooperative and story-driven game for 1-4 players” with card systems driven by AI, and each story beat evolving based on player choices.

With design by board game veterans Eric M. Lang (Blood Rage) and Calvin Wong Tze Loon, and Modiphius itself having a number of excellent game adaptations under its belt, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Per details revealed, the upcoming board game will be directly inspired by the Mass Effect video game series, and will star protagonist Commander Shepard as they journey from the Normandy, across the stars, to fight back against the villainous Reapers.

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Here’s the official story description, per Modiphius:

“The year is 2186. On the remote world Hagalaz, a research cruiser from the terrorist organisation Cerberus has crashed directly in the path of a deadly storm. With little time before the storm hits, Shepard must lead their squad through the cruiser to uncover its sinister secrets and keep them out of the hands of the enemy. However, the ship holds more dangers than just its former crew…”

Working together, players will make story choices, enter combat, customise character abilities, weapons, and powers, and eventually uncover the mystery at the heart of Hagalaz. With choices changing the narrative, there also appears to be an element of replayability in the game. Every time you play, alternative choices will lead to new outcomes – with “early choices even influencing later missions.”

So far, Modiphius Entertainment has only revealed the cover artwork for the upcoming game – but we’re likely to get a better look at what’s to come in the months ahead. As announced, Mass Effect: Priority Hagalaz – The Board Game is targeting a release in late 2024.

As no Kickstarter or crowdfunding details have been mentioned, it does appear the board game will be available at retail, but we’ll have to stay tuned to hear more about its release. Those wishing to keep up to date with the latest announcements can sign up for emails directly from Modiphius.

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