Marvel Snap is adding friendly PvP mode before 2023

Marvel Snap will soon let you play against friends in a brand new competitive mode.
marvel snap pvp mode

Following its launch in global regions, Second Dinner and Nuverse have announced that mobile game Marvel Snap is expanding in a major way. Before the end of 2022, it will get a brand new PvP mode that will finally allow players to face off in card battles with their friends.

Developer Second Dinner announced these plans via The Washington Post, describing an incoming ‘Battle Mode’ which will pit two players against in each other in multiple Snap games, until one player’s health is whittled down to zero. This was also detailed in the game’s official Development Roadmap, which charted upcoming changes and additions for the future.

Marked as ‘Coming Soon’ are the following features:

  • Global mobile launch
  • PC Early Access launch
  • 13 localisations for global regions
  • Welcome Bundle
  • Inbox System
  • Variant Rarity System

The ‘Battle Mode VS Friends’ is listed as currently being ‘in development’ alongside a range of other features: an unranked mode for casual play, collector tokens, and PC widescreen UI. These features are likely to arrive in the game over the coming months.

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In future, fans can also expect a range of other additions, including new competitive modes, social systems, in-game events, leaderboards, collectible emotes, and mythic variants of cards.

Given Marvel Snap is experiencing a major growth in popularity, and recently crossed the US $2 million earned mark, its planned expansion should come as no surprise. As new players discover the game, and returning players continue to invest in collectible cards and upgrades, a parade of new features should keep the action snappy.

The upcoming Battle Mode appears to be a priority for Second Dinner going forward, with development currently focused on rolling it out to everyone. If you’ve popped into Marvel Snap and lamented the ability to actively play with your mates and prove who’s best, stay tuned for the next major game update.

Everyone will have a chance to prove their mettle when Marvel Snap‘s Battle Mode launches later in 2022. It’s not currently dated, but an update is expected over the next two months.

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