Magic: The Gathering – Fallout crossover includes Mothman commander deck

Dogmeat, Mothman, Caesar, and Dr. Madison Li headline the new MTG Fallout Commander Decks.
mothman mtg fallout commander deck

Wizards of the Coast has delivered a first look at the upcoming Magic: The GatheringFallout crossover, part of its Universes Beyond line, revealing fresh Commander Decks, booster packs, and a handful of post-apocalypse-themed cards. While the crossover isn’t set to launch until 8 March 2024, there’s plenty of reason to get excited now – particularly as there’s a special Mothman Commander Deck on the way.

Yes, technically four commander decks have been revealed for the crossover, but there’s something very special about the idea of playing as famed cryptid Mothman in the world of MTG. If that’s not your idea of fun, then you may also enjoy the reveal of the Dogmeat-themed Commander Deck, which sports a very good dog as its chief.

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Rounding out the new Commander quartet is Caesar of The Legion, and doctor Madison Li. Each deck appears themed after a particular Fallout game, with Commanders based on iconic heroes and villains of the franchise. Here’s a look at each new Commander Deck, courtesy of Wizards of the Coast.

Here’s the rundown of the upcoming sets:

  • Scrappy Survivors (Dogmeat) – “Featuring the goodest of boys, Dogmeat, as your commander, this deck focuses on scavenging for tools, Food tokens, and allies. It also introduces Junk tokens, which can be sacrificed to draw cards.”
  • Mutant Menance (Mothman) – “Play creatures, then buff them with counters and proliferate. Irradiate yourself and your opponents using the new rad counters (player counters that mill and damage you).”
  • Hail, Caesar (Caesar) – “This deck’s themes revolve around leaders of militant factions and their soldiers, as well as wasteland raiders. Be aggressive with an army of creature tokens with the help of the squad mechanic, which lets you create extra token copies of creatures.”
  • Science! (Dr. Madison Li) – “Finally, we have our Science! deck, which focuses on high-tech energy weapons, scientists, synths, and pre-war robots. With Dr. Madison Li as your commander, you will play artifacts to generate energy, a returning mechanic fit for Fallout.”

In addition to these Commander Decks, the upcoming Fallout Universes Beyond crossover will also have boosters packs of multiple grades with special collectible card types including non-foil, traditional foil, surge foil, Showcase Pip-Boy styles, and borderless reprints.

mothman fallout mtg
Images: Wizards of the Coast

As part of its reveal, Wizards of the Coast has also confirmed a range of iconic characters will appear on cards in various forms, including the Alpha Deathclaw, Mr. House, Rex, and more. The art for each is stunning, and represents the murky, terrifying post-apocalypse of Fallout well.

We can expect more details about MTG – Fallout: Universes Beyond ahead of its launch on 8 March 2024.

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