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Lords of the Fallen reboot launches in October 2023

Lords of the Fallen will unleash its brutal battles in October, after years in development.
lords of the fallen release date trailer

Lords of the Fallen, a spiritual successor and reboot of the original Lords of the Fallen (2014), will officially release on 13 October 2023. In this grimdark, Souls-like adventure, you will embody a Dark Crusader on a mission to fight against demon hordes, as terrible forces mount on all sides, and victory grows uncertain.

‘Mournstead has fallen, its great army decimated by the legions of Adyr, the Demon God,’ the game’s latest trailer begins. ‘But on flight still flickers in the ever-growing gloom. The light of the Dark Crusader.’

In snippets set to the music of Iron Maiden, the trailer shows off crisp and stylish dodge-and-roll combat against demonic hordes of all sorts. There are clamshell beasts that scream into the night, oozing blob monsters that gush torrents of blood, soul creatures with flaming attacks, and plenty of other beasties besides.

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For anyone lamenting the lack of a Bloodborne sequel, Lords of the Fallen may scratch that very appealing itch. You can some of this shared DNA in the newly-released LotF trailer:


Lords of the Fallen: Special Editions

In addition to revealing debut gameplay for the sweeping action-adventure, developer Hexworks and publisher CI Games have also revealed what to expect from the game’s upcoming special editions.

Lords of the Fallen will launch with three different versions, including:

  • Lords of the Fallen Standard Edition (AU $99.95 RRP): Includes Lords of the Fallen on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or Windows PC.
  • Lords of the Fallen Deluxe Edition (AU $114.95): Includes Lords of the Fallen on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or Windows PC. Also includes the Dark Crusader Starting Class with iconic ensemble, Isaac’s Longsword, throwing knives, full armour set, and amulet, a 100-page digital art book, digital soundtrack, and 3D model viewer.
  • Lords of the Fallen Collector’s Edition (Price TBA): Includes physical Lords of the Fallen on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, or Windows PC. Also includes everything in the Deluxe Edition, plus a 10-inch Dark Crusader figurine, metal display case, collector’s steelbook, and double-sided posters and art cards.

Everyone who preorders the game will also gain access to several in-game bonuses, including exclusive Bronze, Silver and Gold Armour Tincts, three XP items, five HP items, and five MP items.

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