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Lego and 2K officially announce new racing game

Lego and 2K have confirmed their partnership, with more details set to be announced shortly.
lego 2k drive rumours announcement

Lego and 2K have confirmed rumours of a racing game partnership, following a week filled with screenshot leaks and details about a mystery project known as ‘Lego 2K Drive‘. Taking to Twitter, the Lego Group revealed a teaser for the upcoming game, which promised more news on 23 March 2023.

While the teaser appears to be a tongue-in-cheek clip, it does feature some concrete ties to Lego 2K Drive. For one thing, it includes the Octan Racing logo, which has long been a part of the Lego mythos, dating back to the earliest Lego sets and video games. In one prominent segment of PC classic Lego Island, you’re tasked with racing around an underground Octan track, and the brand has also featured in newer collectible sets.

Elsewhere in the teaser, construction equipment reveals an unfinished track littered with warnings, and a ‘Pavement Ends’ sign, alongside bollards and cement barriers. In the background, you can see autumn trees and a bright blue sky – which may be part of a future in-game track.

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Not much is known about the game itself, other than its ties to racing and potential Mario Kart‘ style gameplay, however, a partnership between 2K and Lego has long been in the public eye.

In February 2022, VGC reported that 2K had been granted the Lego license for sports games – including an open-world Lego racing game reported to be in development at Visual Concepts. A second game focussed on soccer was also revealed – although this has yet to surface.

Lego has previously found great success in the open-world racing space, in a dedicated expansion pack for Forza Horizon 4, titled Lego Speed Champions.

For now, we await more news on ‘Lego 2K Drive‘ as official announcements continue to brew. While leaked details have already hit the web, these are difficult to verify, and are slowly being scrubbed from forums. If you’re keen to hear more about this upcoming game, it’s best to stay patient and keep an eye on the official Lego and 2K channels from 23 March 2023 onwards.

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