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Konami teases major game reveal for Tokyo Game Show

Konami is teasing the reveal of a new game from a 'world-loved' franchise at Tokyo Game Show 2022.
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Konami has officially launched its Tokyo Game Show 2022 website hub, which reveals more about the company’s plans for the show, and details an unannounced game to be revealed on stage. According to Konami, this title is a sequel in a ‘world-loved’ series – although it remains a mystery, despite rumours.

Early speculation flags a new Suidoken game as a potential candidate, given Konami will be joined on stage by voice actor Yuki Kaji, who previously had roles in the Suikoden series. That’s a flimsy connection at best, but appears to be the only clue currently doing the rounds online.

There are certainly other potential options, with much of Konami’s iconic back catalogue currently laying dormant – including the Castlevania series, which hasn’t had a blockbuster entry since 2010’s Lords of Shadow reboot. The popularity of the gothic adventure series is at an all-time high, thanks to recent successes like retro game releases and the launch of the popular Castlevania animated series. It feels like the right time for the franchise to return.

Whatever the unannounced game turns out to be, there are high hopes it will be a welcome return.

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As for the rest of Konami’s plans for the Tokyo Game Show 2022, it appears the company has a hearty lineup of other games to present, including some from third-party partners. These include games like Osman from ININ Games, Trouble Witches Final! Episode 01: Daughters of Amalgam from Rocket-Engine, Super Bomberman R 2, eFootball 2023, A Space for the Unbound, Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, and plenty of Yu-Gi-Oh! goodness.

There’ll be several major presentations from Konami, with the new game announcement set to be shared by Konami and Yuki Kaji on 16 September 2022 at 3:30 pm JST (4:30 pm AEST). If you’re keen to hear more about Konami’s plans, stay tuned to its TGS 2022 hub.

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