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Surrealist Aussie RPG Knuckle Sandwich launches in November 2023

Knuckle Sandwich has been in development for six years.
knuckle sandwich game

Knuckle Sandwich, the surreal RPG described as “a mix between the hectic mini-games of WarioWare and classic SNES-era RPGs like Earthbound” has locked in a PC and Mac release date of 23 November 2023.

The Australian-made game is helmed by developer Andy Brophy, and has been in the works for six years, having been successfully Kickstarted in 2018. In recent years, we’ve seen strange glimpses of the colourful adventure, with various mini-games and a retro, vaporwave-like aesthetic shown off in early trailers and demos. Now, we’ll finally see the madness unleashed.

In the game, you’ll “get a job, beat up some monsters, and solve a mystery that’s plaguing Bright City” but your adventure isn’t as simple as it sounds. As you travel, you’ll meet a strange cult and other gangs, and attempt to solve a mystery with multiple twists.

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Here’s the game’s official description, per Steam:

Guide a young man through his first day in Bright City – a bustling island paradise with a horrible secret. Find a new job, make new friends, and attempt to solve a mystery revolving around a ludicrous gang and a fanatical cult.

In this RPG, you defeat enemies in turn-based battles by completing mini-games unique to the foe you’re facing. These mini-games are made up of a variety of challenges, including rhythm games, shoot-em’-ups, memory puzzles, and quick-time events.

Knuckle Sandwich will next appear at the SXSW Sydney 2023 Games Festival, so if you’re keen to get an early glimpse at its hamburger-flinging, fist-flying mini-gameplay, there’s ample opportunity.

For everyone else, stay tuned for Knuckle Sandwich‘s PC launch on 23 November 2023. A demo is available on Steam.

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