Kinder World team announces plant dating sim

Take Me Or Leaf Me is set to launch just in time for Valentine's Day 2023.
kinder world plant dating sim

Kinder World, the cosy and mindful house plant caring simulator from Lumi Interactive, is getting a wild spin-off, just in time for Valentine’s Day. As announced by Lumi, Take Me Or Leaf Me is a ‘plant dating sim’ inspired by the colourful world of abstract dating games, like Hatoful Boyfriend. In the game, you’ll be romancing ‘hot’ house plants.

Take Me or Leaf Me is the world’s first digital houseplant dating sim (as far as we can tell), inspired by other wacky dating sims (like Hatoful Boyfriend) and set in the Kinder World universe,’ Lumi said. ‘It was originally made as part of an internal game jam, now we’re sharing it with the world as a little Valentine’s Day treat.’

The game is set in a local plant shop occupied by dateable plants, each with an attractive ‘human’ form. Monstera appears to be a long-haired, dashing male librarian, while Pink Princess Philodendron is a pink-haired, rainbow-wearing cutie. Four special plants will be romanceable over a 15-20 minute playtime, with your choices leading to one of six unique endings.

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Image: Lumi Interactive

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Everyone who jumps into Take Me Or Leaf Me will gain a unique ‘Terracotome’ pot for use in the base Kinder World game.

Kinder World is currently available in Early Access on Android and iOS mobile devices. Take Me Or Leaf Me will be launching to the public on 14 February 2023.

‘Who will you take home? And who will you leaf behind?’ The choice is in your hands.

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