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Card shop game Kardboard Kings coming to Switch with big update

The Australian-made card shop management game is getting a big new update, and coming to Nintendo Switch.
Kardboard Kings

The Australian-made card shop management game, Kardboard Kings, has big things in the works. Announced at the Akupara Games Publisher showcase in October 2022, the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch in December 2022, alongside a new update to the game which will – in a shocking turn of events – actually let you play the fictional card game that exists in its world.

For context, the original release of Kardboard Kings was purely a management game that revolved around your role as a card shop owner in a fictional Australian seaside town. You sell cards for a Magic: The Gatheringesque trading card game called ‘Warlock’, and your role is in keeping an eye on the card economy, and setting individual card prices for each day as customers come in to purchase cards for their collections.


Aside from the card economy, the game is largely focused on your relationships with the recurring characters that frequent your shop, and maintaining your reputation as a shopowner. When GamesHub contributor Pedro Cooray wrote about Kardboard Kings shortly after its initial launch, he remarked that while the game was quite charming and involved, it ended quite abruptly.

The free new content update, called Card Game Island, will introduce a new location with the same name, and allow you to use the cards you’ve collected to play Warlock – described as a ‘roguelite deckbuilder.’ We assume the other aspects of Kardboard Kings – the shop management, customer relationships, and overarching narrative – will also see some expansion.

Kardboard Kings is developed by Henry’s House, a studio made up of Oscar Brittain (Desert Child) and Rob Gross, who reside in Melbourne and Perth respectively.

Kardboard Kings is already available on PC via Steam.

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