John Wick video game plans confirmed by Lionsgate

Lionsgate is currently fielding major proposals for a AAA video game adaptation.
john wick aaa video game

John Wick studio Lionsgate has confirmed major plans for the franchise in a recent earnings presentation, where it announced work on the next film sequel, and confirmed a major new video game is in the proposal stages.

According to Lionsgate president Joe Drake, conversations around a new John Wick game are ongoing, and have a ‘ton of energy’ around them. The concept of a AAA John Wick video game was first floated in late 2022, when Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer noted the studio had been ‘fielding proposals’ from interested developers.

‘I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, but we believe there is a big AAA game to be made out of John Wick,’ Feltheimer said at the time. ‘We have been fielding proposals. We certainly are interested in moving that forward, but I don’t want to say anything more about that at this time.’

Drake confirmed this enthusiasm in the recent Lionsgate earnings presentation, confirming talks were still taking place – and that the studio may have more to announce in future.

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‘As it relates to the video game, we are continuing to have those conversations,’ Drake said, per ComicBook transcription. ‘There’s a ton of energy around it.’

‘What I would say is, with the success of a John Wick 4 that actually you see growth from 3% to 4%, which is very rare in any franchise, much less than action franchise, creates a lot of energy and excitement in the company.’

‘It does the same with filmmakers, and we’re now moving across that franchise, not just in the AAA video game space, but looking at what the regular cadence of spin-offs, television really growing that universe so that there is a steady cadence of a franchise that there’s clear appetite by the audience.’

Going forward, we’re likely to hear much more about plans for a new John Wick video game, as Lionsgate appears to be very excited about the potential of another adaptation, following the success of John Wick Hex. There’s certainly plenty of potential in translating John Wick’s ‘gun fu’ action into a new, big-budget video game adaptation.

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