Insomniac Games hackers publish stolen data online, including Wolverine gameplay and staff info

The stolen data includes passports and addresses for employees, a company roadmap, private emails, and much more.
marvel's wolverine game

A week on from breaching Insomniac Games with the intention to ransom the company, hacker group Rhysida has published its stolen data online – around 1.6TB of company files including personal employee documents, private emails, a company roadmap revealing future game releases, concept art and production assets, and gameplay snippets from the upcoming Marvel’s Wolverine.

Inadvertently, this hack has caused great excitement for those looking forward to seeing more of Wolverine and Insomniac’s future projects – which allegedly include a Venom spin-off, a new Ratchet and Clank, and multiple X-Men adaptations by 2035 – but this is not the way these projects should have been revealed.

Moreover, the spread of data included is egregious. Not only does it include new game reveals, spoiling any future announcements from Insomniac for the next decade, the game files reportedly include the private data of Insomniac employees – including passports and home addresses. In releasing these details online, the hacker group has essentially doxxed employees right before Christmas, threatening their safety.

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Prior to this data being published online, Sony confirmed it was investigating the hack and how it occurred. As of writing, the outcome of this investigation has not been revealed – but given the scope of files released, it’s likely proper authorities will need to step in.

The scale of the Insomniac Games hack is fairly unprecedented, even in a blockbuster period for ransomware and hacking groups. Insomniac’s entire future roadmap has essentially been laid bare by this incursion, with Marvel’s Wolverine being a major victim.

Files included in the hack reveal a staggering amount of details around the game – animations, cut scenes, character cameos, plot details, and a planned 2026 release date. Reportedly, the leaked files also include playable PC and console builds for the in-development game. Clips of the title are now freely available on social media, shared and re-shared too fast for Sony or Insomniac to take them down.

As one of the most anticipated superhero adventures, and one set to follow in the footsteps of the excellent Marvel’s Spider-Man series, the demand for any tiny details is natural – but their arrival via an egregious hack which also threatens the security of Insomniac Games puts a distinct dampener on any excitement.

Those looking to experience Marvel’s Wolverine unspoiled should probably look away – or, at the very least, set up block words and filters on social media in the attempt to avoid those early plot details and plans. Insomniac Games will reveal more about the upcoming game when the time is right. For a proper look at what’s to come, it’s best to stay patient and wait to see what the studio is cooking.

Developers don’t deserve to have their good work spoiled so aggressively, and with such little regard for the art and creation of video games.

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