ID@Xbox Showcase: Every major game announcement

From WrestleQuest to Voidtrain, here's everything shown off during the latest ID@Xbox Showcase.
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The latest ID@Xbox Showcase revealed a number of brand new games coming to Xbox and other consoles, as well as new looks at indie favourites like Tunic and Paradise Killer. Given the show ran during the wee hours of the morning for Australians, you’d be forgiven if you missed it – but there’s plenty of reasons to catch up, from walloping new wrestling adventures to another wacky, golf-inspired game.

Here’s every major new game announcement from the ID@Xbox Showcase.

Note all seasonal release dates correspond to the Southern Hemisphere.

Immortality: An Interactive Movie Trilogy

Release Date: Winter 2022

Immortality is a new interactive film trilogy from Sam Barlow, known for modern FMV games like Telling Lies and Her Story. It appears you’ll be rifling through a number of home movies in this title, looking for the secret of what happened to a mysterious woman. As with other Barlow games, it looks spooky, atmospheric, and tinged with intrigue.

Lost Eidolons

Release Date: Q3 2022

Lost Eidolons is a turn-based tactical medieval warfare game that appears to explore more psychological themes, with the trailer’s moody narrator lamenting the ugliness of war and declaring they’ll fight for their people as long as it takes. While the game initially looked like an historical action-adventure, there were some snake people in this trailer, so expect some element of fantasy to slip through.

Cursed to Golf

Release Date: TBD

Cursed to Golf is yet another wacky golf simulator, and follows in the wake of Golf Story, What the Golf?, Golf With Your Friends and other classics. This go around, golf has a twist: you’ll be travelling through ‘ghost purgatory’ in this title, and work to survive in a strange, ghostly realm. Along the way, you’ll be helped by ghost power-ups and other strange hazards.


Release Date: TBD

In adventure RPG WrestleQuest, you play as a wrestling-obsessed fanatic who’s inspired by real-life WWE/WCW wrestlers like Randy Savage, Jeff Jarrett, Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T in their quest to become the best wrestlers in all the land. This looks like an absolute delight, and it should be a real treat for fans of wrestling, or fans of pixel art adventures.

Escape Academy

Release Date: TBD

Escape Academy aims to bring the magic of real life escape rooms into the world of video games – but while some ‘escape room’ games favour one-and-done experiences, Escape Academy will see you rising up the ranks to become a real Escape Room Master. The game can be played co-op with mates, in split-screen or solo.


Release Date: TBD

Whalefall is a JRPG-style tale that takes inspiration from Final Fantasy and other classics of the genre. It takes place in the world of Osfeld, where whales falling from the sky can change the power dynamics of the world below, and the life of everyone in the town. Players will rally an army to fight these catastrophic changes and help maintain peace in the land.

There Is No Light

Release Date: 2022

There Is No Light is a pixel art adventure through dark and slimy corridors, in a world where darkness creeps in at every corner. The new gameplay trailer for this title showed off a journey through dungeon caverns plagued by wolves, where players will need to make moral decisions to survive. With cannibals hiding around corners and danger at every turn, your path through this title will be a tough one.


Release Date: 2022

Voidtrain will send players through a strange, mysterious realm where a train travels through a surreal void. Along your path you’ll need to upgrade your train, defeat other enemy trains, and jump through the void to conquer strange lands, meet odd creatures, and forge your own path through the weirdness.

In addition to these titles, several already-announced games were also shown off at the ID@Xbox Showcase.

Tunic got a cute launch trailer. Paradise Killer got a neat announcement trailer for its launch on Xbox. Other titles like Beacon Pines, Kraken Academy!!, Clash: Artifacts of Chaos, Trek to Yomi, Phantom Breaker: Omnia, Floppy Knights, Citizen Sleeper, Shredders and Rolling Thunder also earned a place in the spotlight.

You can catch up on the entire show here.

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