Horizon Forbidden West now includes Lance Reddick tribute

Guerrilla Games has paid tribute to late actor Lance Reddick, with a lovely in-game memorial.
sylens horizon forbidden west

Guerrilla Games has issued a new update for Horizon Forbidden West that adds in a lovely surprise: an in-game tribute to late actor Lance Reddick, who played mysterious advisor Sylens in the franchise. Players can now discover this memorial for themselves as they journey through the game’s Burning Shores DLC, which marks Reddick’s last Horizon appearance.

‘In honour of Lance Reddick, we created a memorial to commemorate the profound impact he had on us all,’ Guerrilla said on Twitter. ‘Thank you, Lance, for everything you brought to the role of Sylens: your gravitas, energy, wisdom and more. An incomparable talent and friend. We miss you terribly.’

The installation can be found within the Burning Shores, on the very first island where Aloy crash-lands her glider. It features Reddick’s name in a glowing circle, and a nature patch covered in flowers.


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While games rarely acknowledge real-life circumstances, this is one tribute with layers of important thematic ties. Burning Shores is a chapter set in post-apocalypse Hollywood, after all – so a loving homage to one of Hollywood’s most talented actors makes sense.

Reddick is beloved by Horizon players and developers alike, for his devotion to the game’s universe, and his gravity as an actor. In recent years, Reddick has also created a vast legacy in the world of gaming, even beyond Horizon‘s world, with major appearances in titles like Destiny, and Quantum Break.

Preserving Reddick’s legacy in video game form feels right. It also guarantees that players well into the future will have a chance to acknowledge the late actor’s contributions, and his importance to the world of Horizon.

You can find the Horizon Forbidden West Lance Reddick tribute in the heart of Burning Shores.

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