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Hades 2 livestream gives first major look at sequel gameplay

A livestream of Hades 2 has revealed an in-depth look at the upcoming game, and its plot.
Hades 2 early access gameplay

Hades 2 has been fully revealed in an impromptu livestream hosted by developer, Supergiant Games. The three-hour stream showed off some of what players can expect from the game’s upcoming “Technical Test” and featured seven distinct runs, helmed by Supergiant Games’ studio director Amir Rao, and creative director Greg Kasavin.

As previously announced, Hades 2 takes place some time after the original game, and features the journey of Melinoë, the princess of the Underworld, and sister of original game protagonist, Zagreus. Where the first game was about breaking out of hell, Hades 2 is about breaking into hell, as Chronos, the Titan of Time, has taken over, in an attempt to defeat the Olympians.

In the livestream, Supergiant showed off slices of this journey, as Melinoë tramples through a variety of new, hellish environments, picking up new and familiar weapons, and working on her skills along the way. In each biome, she has the chance to meet new and returning Gods, including Demeter, Hecate, Schelemeus, Aphrodite, Odysseus, and Nemesis – each brought to life with gorgeous artwork.

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There are some differences with the game, however, as there does appear to be a new card-based system in the game, with these providing new abilities to aid Melinoë’s quest. Of course, there’s also new enemy types and boss battles to contend with.

As announced by Supergiant Games, a Technical Test for Hades 2 is now underway, with select players now able to jump in ahead of its early access period. As the developers have made clear, this is a very early look at the game and is functionally a “preview” only – but based on early reports, the game is already impressing in this form.

Those keen to check out Hades 2 early can learn more about the game’s Technical Test on the Supergiant website. Not everyone who applies for access will get in, but you do have to be “in it” to win it – so throw your hat in the ring. For everyone else, the Supergiant livestream provides plenty of insight about what to expect from the upcoming game.


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