GTA 6: What to expect from the game’s first trailer in December 2023

Rockstar Games has confirmed the first trailer for GTA 6 launches in December 2023.
rockstar games gta 6 trailer expectations

Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the first trailer for GTA 6 – one of the most anticipated games of the decade – will launch on 5 December 2023 at 9:00 am ET. The news was announced on Twitter / X in a sunset-themed post featuring purple palm trees, and three birds flying in the distance. While only a minimalist teaser, the image has already sparked major theories – and seemingly confirmed leaked details about the upcoming game.

In mid-2022, a Bloomberg report alleged the upcoming game will be set in Vice City, the fictional version of Miami, Florida first seen in 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It also detailed potential inspiration in the form of Bonnie and Clyde, with the game’s leads being described as a Latina woman, and a mystery male character.

These reports were never confirmed by Rockstar Games, as the development of GTA 6 and its subject matter have been closely guarded secrets over the last few years – but recently leaked footage appeared to corroborate these details, suggesting Bloomberg‘s reporting may be accurate.

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When the official GTA 6 trailer lands later in the week, we expect many of these details will be confirmed. While described as just “Trailer 1” by Rockstar – suggesting it will be the first of many, and may only be a teaser of what’s to come – we expect the game’s setting to feature, and potentially its rumoured protagonists. Beyond this, it’s unclear what Rockstar has to show.

After years of waiting, there is certainly a weight of expectation around the first trailer for GTA 6. With over 1.9 million likes on Twitter / X, the announcement post for the trailer is now one of the most-liked gaming tweets of all time. 149.3 million Twitter / X users have already viewed the post. Given that massive potential audience, Rockstar will likely aim to deliver a trailer that provides satisfaction, as well as a sense of mystery for the future.

How to watch the first GTA 6 trailer

As announced by Rockstar Games, the upcoming GTA 6 trailer will release on 5 December 2023, depending on your local time zone. Here’s when to tune in around the world:

  • United States – 9:00 am ET | 6:00 am PT (5 December)
  • United Kingdom – 2:00 pm GMT | 3:00 pm BST (5 December)
  • Australia – 1:00 am AEDT | 12:30 am ACDT (6 December) | 10:00 pm AWST (5 December)
  • New Zealand – 3:00 am NZDT (6 December)

We can expect the trailer to be available across Rockstar’s social media channels, including Twitter / X and YouTube. Stay tuned for more news about the trailer, and for a deep dive of the major announcement.

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