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Free-Roam VR Amusement Chain Zero Latency Celebrates 3 Million Plays

Zero Latency is celebrating the milestone with a global VR competition.
Zero Latency Undead Arena Competition

Zero Latency, the global VR amusement chain that features original games, and lets groups of players freely roam around large virtual environments, is celebrating a milestone of three million play sessions worldwide.

The company launched its first venue in Melbourne, Australia in 2015, at a time when the modern wave of VR headset development was starting to gather steam. VR manufacturer Oculus was being acquired by Facebook, and at the same time, Valve’s short-lived Steam Machines were attempting to make PC gaming more console-like.

With VR headsets plugged into battery-powered PCs in backpacks, and a large warehouse space covered in tracking markers and PlayStation Eye webcams, Zero Latency created a format that could mix unhindered physical movement and virtual worlds. And of course, they let people shoot virtual baddies with rifle-like controllers.

Since then, the technology has evolved dramatically to use more lightweight solutions, including standalone VR headsets. Zero Latency has developed several original games, including a Far Cry VR spinoff in collaboration with Ubisoft. To date, the company has also managed to open over 70 venues across the globe, surviving the effects of COVID in the process.


To celebrate the milestone, Zero Latency is running a leaderboard competition in its game Undead Arena, a zombie-shooting experience which the company says is its most popular title. Taking place across all Zero Latency venues around the globe, the top-scoring player from each worldwide region will be offered flights to Las Vegas to compete in a final event for a USD $15,000 prize.

Runners up will each receive a HTC VIVE XR Elite.

The period for qualification runs from 10 August 2023 until 6 September 2023, with no limits on attempts. More details on the competition and Zero Latency venues can be found on the Zero Latency website.

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